Went for lecture on polymer rheology. I think my brain cells deteriorated alot from JC days cause I totally couldn’t understand what the lecturer was talking about. Somemore it was quite physic-y and I was like ???? throughout the whole lecture. And as usual, I had headache after listening to cheem stuff in Japanese for 3 hours lol.

Wanted to edit my photos but in the end I did research on flights to Okinawa cause I might be going there in Nov. I’ll have to check with my mentor if I can take hols cause I realized I will be going for some seminar the previous week so if I go for holiday, I will be out of office for one whole week. And that means my research/experiments will be stagnant for one week. Oops. But I really wanna go Okinawa this time if not I don’t know whenelse will I get the chance to go again hahahah.

Anyway, my colleague just told me that another typhoon will be coming this weekend and I really cannot understand how come everyweek must have typhoon one.

Shall continue editing photos for maybe half an hour more before going to bed.




Recently things haven’t been going well for me. Facing quite alot of problems with work. I don’t know why it’s like that this year but I have the impression that last time October used to be my lucky/happy month but this year it’s just sucky. Hopefully anything turns for the better by the end of this month.

Feeling sian.

Time to do something interesting for a change.

#232 Otamajakkushi

Hahahhaa. The Jap name sounds really spastic!!! It means tadpole btw! So my mama sent me pictures of a frog ytd and told me that it’s one of my father’s pet tadpole hahahah! I was super amused by it cause I thought my father was damn spastic to grow tadpoles into frogs.

Can you see the teeny weeny frog?!?! 🐸 🐸 🐸

So slimy but so cute hahahaha. Disgustingly cute lol.

Replies my mummy with this.

Actually I don’t know what’s my obsession with frogs hahahaha but I liked frogs (cartoon frogs and soft toys btw) since I got this froggie from my mummy to let it accompany me when I stay at my cousin’s house. Hahaha. So I actually have it for more than ten years already hahaha. I realized I am very loyal to it cause I bring it around with me wherever I go. 

Hopefully it will be with me for the years to come. 🐸🐸🐸
Btw, I had to find the Jap word for tadpole cause I was showing off my father’s new pet frog to my colleagues lol.

#231 my secret romance

Oops. Started a new Korean drama today and it’s really super good cause the guy is totally my type!!! Woohoo!!! Haven’t been so eggcited about a Korean drama for a while hahahaha. And the good thing is that the drama is only 13 episodes long!

Photo editing shall wait till I finish the show!!! 


Studied the last 2 chapters of the e-learning after dinner. I think I kind of understand the theory part now but if you ask me to do calculations/predictions, I don’t think I can do it. Oh wells. I don’ think I will get to use it in the near future so next time if really die die must use then I will study it again… in English.

Anyway after that I wanted to edit my Oze park photos but I realized I don’t have enough space in my mac for me to transfer the photos from the sd card to it. I guess I would have to finish editing my summer hols photos and delete them from the com before transferring those photos. Or maybe I can delete some stuff. I am not very on about editing the photos of my sixth day in Tohoku cause the weather wasn’t good that day so the photos taken did not come out as nice. Somemore the sixth day is the day where I wanted to watch fireworks but in the end it turned from a ‘watching fireworks’ event to a ‘hearing fireworks’ event cause of the bad haze.

Weather is super bad here in Japan now and it will be raining the next few days. Maybe I shall just nua at home hahaha.

#229 Can’t wait for Friday

Looked through the e-learning today again trying to understand more about accounting cause previously I just looked though very quickly hoping to finish it asap. I realized I remember most of stuff but just cannot remember the meaning of some words and also some equations used. Shall continue again tmr (which is the last day of the e-learning). I think the slides and stuff will be gone by Sat.

Anyway, cause of the tiring hike, I have been very restless this week and I kept dozing off during work. Hopefully I get to rest well this weekend (and also edit and upload my photos).

Nothing much today and goodnight!

#228 Accounting day 4

Yay. I finally finished the accounting thing. Although near the end I was just rushing through it and I don’t think I learnt anything lol. For the final test we need to get 70 and above to pass (to get the cert for completing the course I think) and I managed to get 80 marks, meaning 16 out of 20 hahahaha!!! Yay!!! On my first try somemore lol. Maybe if I have time I will go back to study abit again but I doubt I will get to do it cause the e learning ends on Friday.

Still feeling a little tired and I guess I haven’t completely recovered from the hike lol. Too weak liao. Shall rest early today again.

#227 Accounting day 3

Very very shag today cause of muscle ache and lack of sleep (I didn’t really sleep on Sunday on the night bus… ) but I had to continue the accounting e-learning. Sad and screwed cause I don’t think I can finish learning everything in time. Oops. Wanted to blog about Oze national park but I doubt I can do it this week cause of the e-learning. Just gonaa to do short posts this week (cannot stop blogging cause I know once I stop I won’t start again lol).

Shall get back to my e-learning and jiayou for half an hour more before going to bed. I need my sleep.

#226 HBD to me!

I think I just had my shag-est birthday. Super tired from all the walking/hiking and I swear my legs are falling off. Wanted to blog about the hike today but I guess I should rest soon if not I will be very gg for work tomorrow.

Maybe I will come up with some resolutions for me entering late twenties. But for now I shall rest.


#225 Night bus

On the night bus now. Hahahah. 

Going to be hiking/walking at the Oze national park. I can’t believe I actually managed to overcome inertia and do something about planning this trip hahahaha. Shows that sometimes I am not just talk but also action. 

Anyway will be reaching there early in the morning to start the hike and coming back late afternoon so I might be a little shag on Tuesday. But it’s ok lol. 

Shall enjoy my hirthday over there in the national park!!!