#209 Long long journey

It’s a long long journey…

The song keeps playing in my head while I edit my photos. It is indeed a long long journey cause I am still at the photos I took on Day 1 of my summer hols. Still at the very first place I went to.

So sleepy and lazy and sian. Recently I have been feeling this way maybe it’s what the Japanese call natsubate or sth.

Yay!!! I am finally done with the photos from Day 1!!!! Can finally post about Yamadera!!!

#208 Long time no blog

I just realized my previous post was about one month ago. What happened to blogging everyday man seriously hahaha. July was a highly unproductive month and I was just drowning in Chinese novels. I didn’t write in my BUJO or post on my blog (only once or twice I guess) and I also stopped my kitchen timer sessions. Addiction is really a bad bad thing. 

July flew past just like this and it’s going to be mid august soon and I will have to manage my time properly soon if not August and September will fly past like how July did. 

I don’t even know what to write anymore. Nevermind, shall slowly pick it up again. 


As I grow older, it gets harder for me to take a stand on something. I think it’s related to what Stella said about the world being black and white and I guess for my case it’s the opposite, my world is in all shades of grey except black and white. 

Actually I was just thinking about some really small issue, about how I have mixed feelings about getting accustomed to things/events in our lives. And in the end I couldn’t decide on whether it’s good or bad and so I started thinking about how I am unable to have firm opinions. Actually I am v envious of my friends who all seem to be able to know what they want and which side they are on and also how they can v quickly know what they are supposed to do. 


Photo editing is always the rds when it comes to blogging. I always procrastinate and take super long to edit those photos. Maybe I should try to finish editing those photos I took two weeks ago and post them tmr or sth. Actually I am already done with the writing. 

I am really v undisciplined cause once I start reading xiao shuos, I just put everything aside and so I haven’t been blogging, bujoing nor kitchen timering for two whole weeks. It really makes me feel like I’m just wasting life away. Nevermind. 

It’s sale period over here in Japan again and I have the urge to shop and buy new clothes. But then again, I don’t think I should waste money since I won’t get to wear them often (cause I just wear tee shirt and jeans to work everyday and change to my uniform there). Hahaha. And I have nobody to go on dates with lol.

Oh anyway I think it’s about time I plan my summer hols cause it’s less than one month to it!!! I am quite excited about it although it’s likely I will be spending it alone (as always). I need to learn how to pack light and see if there is any kind of tips for me to go somewhere for one week with only one backpack. Hahaha. Maybe I can mail my luggage to the hotel I’ll be staying at in the middle of my holiday. Don’t know la shall just google and see what the pros say.

#202 Day 2

Day 2 of lecture on polymers and things got a little more interesting. Don’t know if it’s the prof or the content and maybe both but I find myself having more questions and getting more intrigued with the concept of polymers. The sad thing is I don’t really have the chance to ask all my questions cause the lectures are continuous and I really have like v basic questions so it will be abit … if I keep asking and those cool people cannot ask their cheem question lol. 

Oops I realized I typed this and didn’t post. Shall secretly post it and change the date hahahha.e

#196.5 Technology singularity

A new term I learnt today. Form Wikipedia:

   The technological singularity (also, simply, the singularity)[1] is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.

Maybe cause I am not v imaginative, I don’t think that it will ever happen but my colleague told me about how it’s possible cause some computer beat the world champion in reversi or wei qi or sth. Thought sth was off about that example though I can’t say exactly what’s off about it. 

(Just for future reference)

#194 Dinner date

Not a TGIF day but a IST (it’s still Thursday) date. Hahhaha. I think I always think of Thursdays as ‘how come it’s still Thursday’ hence the name. And I finally got the chance to have dinner with my batchmate, like finally cause we have been planning it since last June lol when we were separated during posting. And though we live quite close to each other, somehow we didn’t get the chance to have dinner together. It’s either she’s busy or I was or we just talked about and left it hanging.

Anyway, it’s my first time to 開成亭 and I ordered a set dinner (唐揚げ定食). To say the truth, it wasn’t was fantastic as I expected (cause the shop actually looked quite oshare) and it’s actually not that worth it. Maybe it’s unfair for me to judge it based on the set dinner cause usually a la carte menu is better. Oh wells. The photo of my dinner.

Though the food wasnt that good, I had a great time talking to my batchmate about our batchmates, life and random stuff. It has been long since I chatted with a batchmate and it’s always nice talking to someone sharing same experiences but yet having slightly different ones too. And I guess I’m not the only one struggling with work and everyone of us has some kind of issue at work. Shall ganbare together!

And my batch is really one weird batch but weird is always better than the norm in my dictionary so that’s just nice so me! Hopefully I’ll get past the inertia and go ask some other batchmates out for dinner too!

#189 Change

Fell asleep halfway through blogging ytd. Hahaha. Wanted to post my last post on GW. I don’t know why but this time round I really took super g’, in the sense that I wake up and go to work at the same time everyday, go home at around the same time everyday, and after I go home I will eat, bathe and use com/blog/research on trip in August. And I have been doing that for one week plus already. It’s feels like I am wasting life away cause I am not being productive at all cause usually I will end up deciding nothing for my trip in august and I have to continue doing it the next day. I wonder what’s the reason for this inefficiency. And living a routinized life makes me feel bored about life. 

I guess I’m needing some kind of change in life. Like what? I still haven’t decided. 

Maybe a new hobby? Which I have been trying to search for for months. Or maybe I should just study sth.

Guess I shall just write it in my BUJO.

👁‍🗨Change sth in my life

(Btw 👁‍🗨 is the key for my ‘research needed’)

#184 Boliao post full of unhappiness

I think trains are smelly on rainy days. Maybe only in Japan cause their seats aren’t the plastic kind but those with cushion and stuff. Oh man. I thought it smelled super super bad when I stepped into the train. Shall breathe though my mouth lol. 
Emoed at work today cause I felt really lost. Like I don’t know what I am doing. I wanted to discuss with my mentor but I don’t even know what to ask. I don’t dare to ask he what I should do cause I am supposed to know it and he’s too busy recently to slowly discuss from the start. Argh. I really wanna have brain transplant with some scientists cause I am so fed up with not knowing what to do. I feel so stupid. Nvm. Things will get better tmr. I hope. And since work is over I shall not think about it anymore heehee.

#180 Super shag 

Super hiong 3 days out there.i think I walked more than 30 thousand steps everyday lol. And my planning sucks so much that for the first 2 days I couldn’t make it for lunch at noon so I ate at around 2pm/3pm and was so freaking hungry. At least for the last day I managed to eat at 12. Can be considered an improvement right lol. And what I’ve realised is that I cannot plan until v tight one cause I am the kind who likes to slowly walk around and spam a lot of pics (I take like 5 pics per scenery hahahaha from all the different angles so I can slowly choose which one I like most when I edit my photos). So it’s like I always spend so much more time than the usual just walk around and enjoy scenery kind of people. But I had a lot of fun taking photos although my camera is spoilt and I had to use my friend’s camera/my ex iPhone. And iPhone really does take nicer pictures than camera lol. But anyway I went to so many ulu pandan places these three days and it felt really really good cause it’s supposed to be golden week and v v crowded lol. The only time I felt like it was golden week was when I went to the Hitachi whatever park cause it is really the epitome of 人山人海. 
Anyway I can’t wait to edit my photos (although sometimes I always 自我看觉良好 at first but when editing then realise actually my photos not v good hahahha) but nvm la 自我感觉良好 is a good thing cause it makes me shuang for that short period of time.oh and this time round I need to write in more details cause it’s my first trip alone and I am so proud of myself cause I spoke to this Taiwanese and German on my last day. Hahahaha. I know I am v lame cause the first 2 days I was too coward to do that lol. The Taiwanese wanted to ask me to join her but we had different plans and the German was quite friendly and we even took train together on the way home hahhaha. The train ride tgt was v short though cause she wanted to take the fast train but I wanted the slow train (cause more likely to have seats sorry my legs were dying so I really had to sit down). But anyway it’s quite tiring to talk to people esp those strangers so I don’t think I wont do that often hahhaha. I am too lazy to think about how to continue conversation. 
But anyway I think it was a v nice experience cause it really did make me think about I, me myself hahahha. And how I deal with things and stuff. My priorities and stuff. I am actually quite brain dead now so maybe I will blog about it tomorrow. Still on the train now and it’s likely that I will be stuck taking the last time cause I was too havoc to try to catch the sunset at the ulu pandan place (in the end I didn’t manage to stay till sunset cause I had to rush for the train sad) and I take like 4 hours home without taking the fast train (cause I forgot to reserve seats).
Didn’t really see alot of handsome boys but I think I really like young boys now. Hahhaha. Ok la not that young but I think I prefer uni boys over working adults lol. 
Wtf. Smelly people just boarded the train. They smell like alcohol fuck I hate that smell. Sian. I really dislike the beer smell it’s so smelly. Nvm my nose is abit blocked anyway. Just breathe though my mouth can liao. Anyway got this two guys in blue suits and they look damn gay hahahaha. Cause it’s not the navy kind of blue but the lighter kind. Plus they have curly hair and they got this couple bracelet like thingy. It one of them appears to be married so I also don’t know what’s happening. How come I so kaypo.
So sleepy I am so sleepy but I will only reach home at 12 plus. Yawns.