#201 Osaka

I think Osaka will always have a special place in my heart. Hahaha. I always feel v familiar with the places when I come to Osaka but when I go like those city areas in Tokyo I feel super lost. But actually I have only been in Osaka for one year as compared to being in Tokyo for 6 years lol. To me Osaka >>> Tokyo hahahaha. 

The Ferris wheel still look the same after so many years and my photo taking skills also still as bad after so many years. 

But anyway, I’m not here for a holiday but for work and I attended this long long lecture today from 930 to 1700 and am going to attend the part 2 tmr. Super super long and I think I am not used to listening to classes for such long hours anymore. I was totally dozing off after lunch cause of food coma and things were even worse cause the prof sounded like he was singing me lullaby. He super 咬字不清 so it’s like he talk cheek stuff I already v hard to understand plus it’s Japanese and somemore I still cannot decipher what Greek he talking. <- oops this is complain queen jasmine kwek speaking.

But there were also some interesting part and I guess I learnt some new stuff today. It would have been better if the profs didn’t spend so much time on their introductions cause most of them didn’t manage to finish teaching the stuff in their ppt and I have a feeling the parts at the back and the cheemer and more impt points. To say the truth, I was kind of irritated by some of them cause they just kept wasting time talking about the easy concepts over and over again. Oh wells, who ask them to be the prof and me the student. 

Anyway, the lecture was held at the kao building and I realized something v interesting in their toilets. Yes, you heard me right, toilets. They put so many of their products in the toilet I was really amazed and as the curious banana I am, I actually tried them and thought they were quite good.

One of the products I tried (which was placed iñ the cubicle lol) was some spray thingy for you to spray on the toilet paper so that you can wipe yourself cleaner and feel less discomfort cause it also acts as a lubricant to decrease and friction from the toilet paper. Ok I just searched for it on Google and realised that it actually came out quite long ago and maybe it’s even older than me lol.

They also had handcreams (nivea and atrix) and mouth rinse. I use nivea so I know how it feels like but it’s the first time I tried atrix. It was abit oiler and you can feel it there for a longer period of time. I think it’s good for people who like to feel their hand smooth and nice but for me I don’t really like the oily feeling so I think I prefer nivea. As for the mouth rinse, I just had to dilute it with water (they even have cups there for you to use) and it felt like any other mouth rinse I’ve used before.

That’s all for the Kao products hahaha. After the lecture, I went back to the hotel to check in. I booked this room on the girls only floor and maybe that’s why the room looks abit girly (the wallpaper). The room not v impressive but it’s only 10mins away from the Kao building the 3mins from the nearest train station Shinsaibashi!!!! So the location is actually super super good!!!

After that I changed and went out for dinner. Bought my cam along to take photos heehee. And of course I ate takoyaki!

The rest of the photos are in my cam. I feel lazy now so bye.


#197 X-M1

This post shall be about my new camera and I spent my 30-min kitchen timer today editing the photos I took last weekend. I was just too lazy to edit those photos cause they aren’t that interesting and just random photos of my neighbourhood (which is this v ulu pandan place) and I procrastinated so much that I decided to use kitchen timer session to make myself do it. It worked and now I can finally blog about my new camera.

Overall I am quite satisfied with how the photos turned out but I’m still having some problems with the focus cause this camera doesn’t have touchscreen function for me to choose the point I want the focus to be on. On the other hand, the colours turned out really well and even better than I expected so I didn’t have to go through my usual editing process. Very vibrant colours and good contrast. But then again, I’m not sure if it’s cause of the good weather but hopefully it will deliver even onbad weather days. On to the photos!

Taken from my room. The focus seem a bit off for the first one but I also don’t know where to focus on anyway.


Down the slope! Very old buildings.


Part of the factory near my dorms. Hahahha. Not v sure if it’s part of my company or just the subsidiary company cause I’ve never entered that part of the factory before.


This is one of the gates to the factory (I was at for the first 2 months.)


Anyway I cycle pass here every morning.


Taking flowers to practice focusing. Actually I’m not v sure about the term for it.


#nofilter #noedits #onlycropping


I like this photo quite alot cause it makes me feel at peace.


I am not sure how to take photos in the direction of the sun. (looks abit weird right, need some advice on this)


This one too.


As always, a shot of my bicycle.


Couldn’t decide on the angle thus the two photos.


Went down to the river to take these few shots.


I don’t know why but there’s some sort of loneliness in my photos. Is it just me or are they really like that?


Under construction. I love this kind of structures.


The nearest supermarket to my dorms. I always go there after work to get my groceries.


Getting back to my dorms and this is a photo of another old old building. It is supposed to be some shop but I have never ever seen anyone there.


End of photo spam and as you can see, the colours are really sharp without any editing. But it’s kind of hard to control the lighting cause there’s no touchscreen function for me to focus on a dark place/bright place just I need brighter/darker photos. Maybe I just need to practice more.

Took this using my phone hahhha.