#69 Last day of 2016 & 2017 resolutions

And the day for new year resolutions. I was trying to look for inspiration on what to include in my resolutions so I scanned through my previous blog. And I realized I used to write in a v weird way like I try to say things but at the same time hide certain details so actually when I read through them now, I cannot really understand what I was trying to say last time. Hahaha. It’s like I 躲躲藏藏 in my 言语之中. Maybe cause I had this massive crush on my batchmate and I was being an angsty and emo teenager. But I think I used to be better at writing cause I haven’t been using English much for the past 7 years. Anyway, enough with the crapping and I shall start on the 神圣 task of writing my 2017 resolutions.

1.Read less 小说 and more angmoh books.

To be more precise, read at least one angmoh book per month. I was taught that we have to write down our plans clearly so that we will execute them so I shall quantify my new year goals. Hahaha. One book per month seems miserably little but I think I only read one angmoh book the whole of 2016 (and somemore it cannot be considered a book cause it’s more like a script (HP and the cursed child)) so I guess I should start small. And I don’t think I can quit my addiction of 小说 so easily cause I have been trying to quite since forever but to no avail.

2.Find a new hobby.

Working on that since October and I guess taking photos can be considered my relighted hobby. And I might start trying backpacking or something IT related. I don’t know but sometimes I just feel like I am just wasting life away spending my weekends at home reading. Reading sounds like a good hobby but let me tell you it’s not when it involves reading the same type of books with similar plots over and over again. Although I judge myself quite often for doing such unproductive things, I just can’t stop myself from reading them.


I guess I should start running again after slacking off for 2 months (or is it 3). I keep finding excuses for myself for not exercising but I guess all slack and no exercise make Jasmine a nua girl and I shall start running again. Maybe after winter? Hahaha. As for now I shall keep to simple core workouts like situps and planks.


Sometimes I just feel like my brain has started to rust cause of the lack of intellectual stimulus in my daily life. I think I’ve become a lot more stupid after going to Japan and I really hate it (but I haven’t been doing anything about it). I need to study or learn new stuff to keep my brain active. What should I start with? Maybe English lol.

Basically, in 2017, I hope I will become less satisfied with the status quo and more open to changes so that I can do new things while I am still young and still got 体力. And I hope I will say less ‘I don’t think I can do it’ and more ‘I’ll try’ ‘I will do it’. Although I don’t think writing this post will motivate me that much, I guess it serves as a to do list to remind me that I actually gave myself new goals for 2017. And maybe I will actually start executing my new plans if I am too bored or if I suddenly feel motivated about life. Hahaha.

As for relationships, I don’t think I am doing that badly at it but maybe I will try to contact my family more next year and be more interested in how they are doing. I guess I will also be more active in asking people out (although I think I do ask people out quite frequently) and keeping in contact with old friends.