#186 Nomikai at Odawara

Had a nomikai (drinking party) with the members in my group today to welcome the new members. Although I wasn’t the main planner, like I wasn’t the one who sent email notifications and stuff, I was the one to choose the restaurant, make reservations and collect money. Abit behind the scenes kind of feeling right lol. I think I made quite a good choice on the restaurant cause the food was v yummy! Esp the grilled chicken and some seasoned sashimi. I also have been rather self disciplined and sticking to my at most two drinks per night rule cause I have realized that if I drink more than that, I’ll get a hangover the next day. And the rule is to wash my gastric with calpis (this drink that’s similar to yakult) but too bad they didn’t have it in the shop so I got myself orange juice instead.
Anyway it’s awkward to take photos of the dishes cause the rest of the members are all guus and I don’t have the guts to do such a girly take photos of all my food thing in front of those uncles. So I shall just hope photos from online so that I can write my review. Hahaha. I thought it will be good for me to rmb the exact food and the exact store if not next time I will be like some chicken dish in some shop near odawara if someone ever ask (I doubt anyone will come to me for recommendations though cause I am v noob).
So the shop we went to yesterday (sorry I actually forgot about this post after I got home so I’m continuing today) is called じっとこ組合小田原 and it’s a kind of 居酒屋 (drinking shop). I am not sure but I think my colleagues mentioned that it’s a chain store. Anyway I added the link to that place just for reference plus the course that I’ve chosen. Anyway photos not credited are from hotpepper, gnavi and those websites for the shop.



The first dish that came was this plate of veggie, which you are supposed to eat with this special miso sauce. Usually I am not v keen on eating raw veggie but the miso was really nice so I totally didn’t mind it at all. The miso went v well with the cucumber.

(photo from http://k-norita0426.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/10/10/184046)

5.jpg(photo from http://www.mogood.jp/category_izakaya/13233)

The second dish was this dish called the chicken breast meat tataki which I don’t know what is it called in English. It’s like thinly sliced chicken which I think is cooked (not v sure) with onion and some special dressing. This one was okok and I will give it a 6 cause the chicken was really soft.


The main dish came out next, the motsu nabe (beef intestine hotpot), a dish that I really like. In fact I chose this shop cause of the dish. However I was a little disappointed when I saw it cause it looked abit lacking (and it didn’t have the usual tofu) but luckily it tasted really good. I love the soup (it was 塩鍋) and the taste was enough for me to enjoy the intestine without drinking the soup. An 8 for this and it could have been a 9 if not for the lack of tofu. Hahaha.

(no photo found sorry hahaha)

Chinese cabbage dressed with caesar sauce was up next and I didn’t really like it. 3 for appearance and taste. It looked really plain and the Caesar sauce wasn’t sour enogh for my liking.  The sauce was also too diluted imo. But it kind of served as a buffer between the salty dishes so I guess it might be there for a reason.


Next dish was woah like the epitome of fantabulous, especially for a chicken lover. Apparently it’s the 3rd fav dish of that restaurant. The grilled chicken was really soft and the seasoning was v good (though I have no idea what the seasoning was but the chicken was kind of black. Pepper maybe?) And it matched really well with the Yuzu pepper sauce that came along with it. It’s a 9 for sure and a die die must try if you ever go there. I loved it!

3.jpegNext was チキン南蛮 (fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce) and it was v normal like those you can find everywhere. Not particularly delicious but I was rather taken by how I could see bits of mashed eggs in the sauce. Maybe a 6 for adding the eggs. 

(no photo found sorry hahahah)

(Slightly cooked) sashimi came next and it was okok cause the seasoning felt really similar to that of the sliced chicken and it was a bit too cooked? I would have preferred it raw hahaha. The thickness was just nice imo cause it was thick enough to feel the fish. It’s a 6 again and I won’t strongly recommend it if you go cause I have a feeling this shop is more for chicken dishes than fish.

(this one just one bowl of ramen they put into soup)

Last we had ramen for 〆 (shime, which is what they cause the last dish and usually ramen if you had hotpot cause they will are the ramen into the soup). As I mentioned earlier the soup was v nice so the ramen was good though. Too bad i didn’t get to have much of it cause someone was talking to me then hahaha. This kind of nomikai is actually more for talking than eating I guess.

After that most people went home like super fasterly and they were already gone when I got out of the shop. Feeling shocking cause normally we will gather outside the shop and go otsukaresama before ending the thing but this time round people just disappeared. There was this guy who was still not satisfied so he asked for second round of drinking which I turned down (cause I wasn’t interested in drinking anymore plus he looked abit drunk and I don’t like dealing with drunk people) and went home.

Anyway, I realised my fav member in the group haven’t changed cause the new members are not that 谈得来 and there are quite a lot of differences in our way of thinking. Oh well. No need to like everybody or force myself to like everybody and to me I just need one good friend (I hope he treats me as one too lol) since quality windls quantity right hahahha.

And on my way home, I bumped into my batchmates whom I haven’t seen in a while. She were in fact planning for dinner together on line the past few days. Decided on time/day for the dinner and I’m quite looking forward to it. Seems like she knows alot of gossip about our batch. Can’t wait to hear the juicy details.