#238 New blog! [storedinthepensieve2.wordpress.com]

Oops. Wanted to blog here about my trip to Oze national park but there’s no more space to upload photos and so being the cheapo I am, I’ve decided to move to a new blog (copy my friend hahahha)

Moved to: storedinthepensieve2.wordpress.com



Went for lecture on polymer rheology. I think my brain cells deteriorated alot from JC days cause I totally couldn’t understand what the lecturer was talking about. Somemore it was quite physic-y and I was like ???? throughout the whole lecture. And as usual, I had headache after listening to cheem stuff in Japanese for 3 hours lol.

Wanted to edit my photos but in the end I did research on flights to Okinawa cause I might be going there in Nov. I’ll have to check with my mentor if I can take hols cause I realized I will be going for some seminar the previous week so if I go for holiday, I will be out of office for one whole week. And that means my research/experiments will be stagnant for one week. Oops. But I really wanna go Okinawa this time if not I don’t know whenelse will I get the chance to go again hahahah.

Anyway, my colleague just told me that another typhoon will be coming this weekend and I really cannot understand how come everyweek must have typhoon one.

Shall continue editing photos for maybe half an hour more before going to bed.


#232 Otamajakkushi

Hahahhaa. The Jap name sounds really spastic!!! It means tadpole btw! So my mama sent me pictures of a frog ytd and told me that it’s one of my father’s pet tadpole hahahah! I was super amused by it cause I thought my father was damn spastic to grow tadpoles into frogs.

Can you see the teeny weeny frog?!?! 🐸 🐸 🐸

So slimy but so cute hahahaha. Disgustingly cute lol.

Replies my mummy with this.

Actually I don’t know what’s my obsession with frogs hahahaha but I liked frogs (cartoon frogs and soft toys btw) since I got this froggie from my mummy to let it accompany me when I stay at my cousin’s house. Hahaha. So I actually have it for more than ten years already hahaha. I realized I am very loyal to it cause I bring it around with me wherever I go. 

Hopefully it will be with me for the years to come. 🐸🐸🐸
Btw, I had to find the Jap word for tadpole cause I was showing off my father’s new pet frog to my colleagues lol.

#222 Accounting day 3

It’s getting hard and I can no longer tikum the answers to the quizzes anymore. Oops. And I totally cannot remember what all the terms stand for lol. But anyway something good happened today! I managed to book the tickets to go Oze national park this long weekend! Yay! But I think my friend like no very interested to go cause she totally ignored my msgs during lunch (cause ytd we tried to book but all the websites weren’t working outside office hours and we decided to try again today) and she only replied me at nine (which is already after office hours for those websites). This kind of things make me feel a bit sian cause like only I myself am looking forward towards the trip. Oh wells. I shall just heck care and just enjoy myself lol. Maybe she was just too busy today.

Nothing much today except that after how Stella’s lab mate wants everyone to like her, I thought about how I was used to be like that last time. At that time I got quite sad whenever people left me out of gatherings or when they don’t consider me part of their group. But after that I realized that I shouldn’t waste time caring about people who don’t like me/don’t treasure me and should just spend time on people who do. I think this made me a more anti-social person (I was quite anti-social to start with) but it makes me a lot happier (I guess) cause I care less. Hahaha. Life is too short for us to make everything perfect so we should just focus on the more important things.

#219 Accounting

Signed up for an online accounting course on the company’s training site two months ago and realized that I HAVEN’T started on it yet. And it’s until 10/13 so I am very very screwed. I will have to learn everything (at least know abit cause there’s a quiz at the end) and I seriously don’t know what got into me that made me sign up for it. Sian. And cause it’s totally no link to my work I don’t think I should study at during working hours so here I’m trying to chiong it in (less than) two weeks. Finished one chapter today and I have 6 left (oh gg) and I realized accounting is like Greek to me especially when it is taught in all the cheem looking kanji. Oops.

Shall spend another half an hour on it before preparing for bed. Life is spastic especially when you know you have no one other than yourself to blame for your current predicament. fml.

And as you can see, I have decided to blog frequently again even when I have only very lame and insignificant things to say.



#217 School 2017

It has been very long since I last watched a korean show. I think it was Goblin. The thing is I always get sian halfway through korean shows cause they are quite long and most of the time draggy hahahah. I think I didn’t even finish descendants of the sun and just skipped my way to the last episode or sth lol. But I must say the soundtracks are always super good.

Anyway yesterday I started on School 2017 and seriously the school series is really really good. Makes me feel like going back to secondary school/high school cause that time we were just in our own world, worrying about exams, friendships and korean stars. This kind of teenage years dramas always make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Only at episode 4 but the drama has already won me over. I especially like the teacher in the show although he’s the typical ‘scared of the principal but still wanna do something for the kids’ kind of teacher and I like how he actually tries hard in his own small and insignificant way but in the end he actually wins the support of his colleagues and students. Nice.

Things were so simple back then when I was still in school (although they haven’t got that complicated for me now but I just don’t feel as alive now). We had so many things to worry about then, but somehow we just overcame them and grew up together. We laughed about stupid things, got stressed over small matters; it’s quite funny now that I think back.

My teenage years just went and flew by and I don’t know if I did live those years to the fullest but at least I have some sort of memory for me to think back on for the rest of my life. Feeling kind of nostalgic, kind of wistful and kind of sad.

But anyway in my twenties, I still enjoy teen dramas and I think I’ll even in my thirties lol.

#213 Spoilt keyboard

Sorry but I am going to rant a bit before starting continuing my post for day 2 of my summer hols. Yesterday was a super horrible day cause I went home only to find that my macbook is spoilt. I was super shocked when I tried on flip it over cause it was very hot and after that I realized that there was something wrong with the keyboard so it was continuously typing while I was away (which explains that overheating). I couldn’t really do anything without my macbook cause it also works are my router and my photos are also in it so I couldn’t blog. Really very sian when I cannot use computer. =/

So today I rushed off straight after work (even though I had a lot of things left to do but today I totally no mood to do anything) to the nearest electronics store and got myself a new keyboard. And luckily it worked and now I get to use my mac like a desktop computer and I will have to transfer all my things to a hard disc or save them in google drive before the situation get worse. I guess I have a bit more time to hunt for my next laptop with this keyboard.

Anyway, I am leaning towards getting a thin and light one (under my djd’s influence) so I am considering a surface laptop or one from hp. But I don’t know if I should get one in Japan cause I don’t really want the Jap OS. I guess I will have to go to those places with more foreigners cause they might have US/UK OS or sth.

Hope things get better cause recently I feel like I am really out of luck.

#204 那些年



#201 Osaka

I think Osaka will always have a special place in my heart. Hahaha. I always feel v familiar with the places when I come to Osaka but when I go like those city areas in Tokyo I feel super lost. But actually I have only been in Osaka for one year as compared to being in Tokyo for 6 years lol. To me Osaka >>> Tokyo hahahaha. 

The Ferris wheel still look the same after so many years and my photo taking skills also still as bad after so many years. 

But anyway, I’m not here for a holiday but for work and I attended this long long lecture today from 930 to 1700 and am going to attend the part 2 tmr. Super super long and I think I am not used to listening to classes for such long hours anymore. I was totally dozing off after lunch cause of food coma and things were even worse cause the prof sounded like he was singing me lullaby. He super 咬字不清 so it’s like he talk cheek stuff I already v hard to understand plus it’s Japanese and somemore I still cannot decipher what Greek he talking. <- oops this is complain queen jasmine kwek speaking.

But there were also some interesting part and I guess I learnt some new stuff today. It would have been better if the profs didn’t spend so much time on their introductions cause most of them didn’t manage to finish teaching the stuff in their ppt and I have a feeling the parts at the back and the cheemer and more impt points. To say the truth, I was kind of irritated by some of them cause they just kept wasting time talking about the easy concepts over and over again. Oh wells, who ask them to be the prof and me the student. 

Anyway, the lecture was held at the kao building and I realized something v interesting in their toilets. Yes, you heard me right, toilets. They put so many of their products in the toilet I was really amazed and as the curious banana I am, I actually tried them and thought they were quite good.

One of the products I tried (which was placed iñ the cubicle lol) was some spray thingy for you to spray on the toilet paper so that you can wipe yourself cleaner and feel less discomfort cause it also acts as a lubricant to decrease and friction from the toilet paper. Ok I just searched for it on Google and realised that it actually came out quite long ago and maybe it’s even older than me lol.

They also had handcreams (nivea and atrix) and mouth rinse. I use nivea so I know how it feels like but it’s the first time I tried atrix. It was abit oiler and you can feel it there for a longer period of time. I think it’s good for people who like to feel their hand smooth and nice but for me I don’t really like the oily feeling so I think I prefer nivea. As for the mouth rinse, I just had to dilute it with water (they even have cups there for you to use) and it felt like any other mouth rinse I’ve used before.

That’s all for the Kao products hahaha. After the lecture, I went back to the hotel to check in. I booked this room on the girls only floor and maybe that’s why the room looks abit girly (the wallpaper). The room not v impressive but it’s only 10mins away from the Kao building the 3mins from the nearest train station Shinsaibashi!!!! So the location is actually super super good!!!

After that I changed and went out for dinner. Bought my cam along to take photos heehee. And of course I ate takoyaki!

The rest of the photos are in my cam. I feel lazy now so bye.


Oh I’ve reached my 200th post!!! Hahaha. I think I’ve already exceeded it though cause I have some post which are like #xxx.5. Lol. Anyway, people around me have been traveling to cool places and making me abit 心痒痒 hahaha. I also wanna go Mogolia and Bali! And it also strikes me that I’ve to learn driving soon if not I won’t be able to travel around by car (so it will be super ma fan for me to travel to mountains and all the ulu pandan cool places).

I have also been feeling restless recently, like I don’t feel like doing anything at all except nuaing in bed and reading my book (and people who know me might say isn’t that what I always do). Feeling so super nua and wasting life away. Oh wells maybe I should just let myself nua while I still can cause you don’t know when you will suddenly become v busy. I am too lazy to even think about stuff to write in my blog. Lol.

Looking forward to Thurs cause I’ll be going to Osaka. Even though nth much to do, it’s still a change from my mundane everyday go lab life so I shall treat it as a 気分転換 and enjoy myself there.