#173 Cycling with a selfie stick!

No more camera means I need something new to play with. Since I cannot take high quality pretty pictures of the scenery anymore, I shall play with low quality pictures of ugly me. Heehee. #ifdontzipaiwhopaiyou #zipainoneedgoodcameracausethettargetisnotpretty #thelowerthequalitythebetteritis Sad life but yes it is a downgrade from my mirrorless to my hp camera. But it is ok since it means less effort in taking photos cause #photocomeoutbadlyalsonotmyfault. I wonder why I am blogging using hashtags but whatever.

And using a selfie stick means it is a bit more possible (from 0% possibility to 10%?) to take photos while cycling (but I highly recommend people not to do it unless 1. they are living in an inaka place like me 2. they are highly trained in cycling (i’m quite pro ok since I cycle everyday to work)). <- I had to use 2 brackets to close it cause I used 2 brackets just now. In my defense I only used the selfie stick when I was at the super duper ulu area and as you can see nobody was around.

Anyway, long time no post photos but here they are!!! (Sad quality as compared to last time but please don’t judge me. I am just a victim.)


My first shot using the selfie stick!! Not bad not bad! My hair flying up cause of the wind and you can see my bright and big forehead!!


My forehead is really bright!!




My fighting chicken eyes really v obvious. Lol. #人比花俏


Was feeling v shiok cause I realized selfie sticks are really v fun! They allow for a full body shot of myself although I am v long!!!!


Do you see my bike over there? (The aim’s abit off though)


Bui shong face cause damn hard to aim!


Finally got it (but actually now that I look at it, it’s quite fail lol.)


There’s a reason we call this place an inaka.


A bit more experienced than just now liao! V good weather but I guess it’s cloudy at Mt Fuji’s side so we can’t see it. Abit sad right!


A lot of ducks laxing in the long gou.


Failed? attempt at an artistic shot of this old old shop.


Another river.


The wind was super strong (and you can see my pimple v well lol).


Left and right arrows on the sign means have to wait long long so I whipped out my phone and took a photo while waiting. Hahahaha. End of cycling trip (although I didn’t really cycle that long/far) and I was abit tired towards the end probably cause of my neck. Cross bikes are not v neck-friendly so I might have to take note of that if I wanna go somewhere further.

And there goes my weekend and basically like always I got nothing done; plans for GW not done yet, work brought home left untouched on the floor, room not yet packed. Nvm next week I think I will not be OTing at all and so going home at 1700 means I have lots and lots and lots of time to do things (provided I am not too lazy to do them).

P.S. my pouch came (return gift from the married couple) it’s a lot smaller than expected but the texture and everything is really good!