Photo editing is always the rds when it comes to blogging. I always procrastinate and take super long to edit those photos. Maybe I should try to finish editing those photos I took two weeks ago and post them tmr or sth. Actually I am already done with the writing. 

I am really v undisciplined cause once I start reading xiao shuos, I just put everything aside and so I haven’t been blogging, bujoing nor kitchen timering for two whole weeks. It really makes me feel like I’m just wasting life away. Nevermind. 

It’s sale period over here in Japan again and I have the urge to shop and buy new clothes. But then again, I don’t think I should waste money since I won’t get to wear them often (cause I just wear tee shirt and jeans to work everyday and change to my uniform there). Hahaha. And I have nobody to go on dates with lol.

Oh anyway I think it’s about time I plan my summer hols cause it’s less than one month to it!!! I am quite excited about it although it’s likely I will be spending it alone (as always). I need to learn how to pack light and see if there is any kind of tips for me to go somewhere for one week with only one backpack. Hahaha. Maybe I can mail my luggage to the hotel I’ll be staying at in the middle of my holiday. Don’t know la shall just google and see what the pros say.


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