#207 Osaka→Nara

Typed this post one month ago but posting ago now cause of the belated photos. Hahaha. Better late then never like what they always say.

After the lecture ended and ran back to my hotel, changed out of my suit to my t-shirt jeans l, took my luggage and made my way to Nara. It’s my first time going Nara (I think it is cause that time the Osaka university people only brought us to Wakayama and Mie) so I was highly eggcited!!! Hahaha. I expected quite alot from Naramachi cause I looked at the photos in the travel guide and those pics looked quite cool but in the end it wasn’t that good hahhaha. But it’s ok cause I enjoyed how Nara’s a lot more chill than the other places. But anyway, I am going to write in detail now so that I won’t forget what I did. Seriously my memory getting really bad I can’t even rmb what I ate ytd lol.

Anyway I made a brief stop at namba so that I can try the v v famous jiggly cheesecake @rikuroojisan. Was expecting a long queue but lucky for me, it was a weekday and people are still not off work yet (it was before 1800 I think) so the queue was rather short and I got my jiggly cheesecake in no time. I think I was supposed to take vid or sth when they slice the cake to show that it’s jiggling but I only got a v noob vid (cause I wasn’t in time for it) so too bad.


Okay. It was soft but the taste wasn’t as good as I expected. And some angmohs talked to me and they also said the taste was a bit disappointing lol. I think people like us expected a cheesier taste but maybe to the Japs fluffiness is the most impt. But like what they say, 不吃cheesecake非好汉 and I managed to be a 好汉 so I’m satisfied!


Had to add this photo so that I can rmb the name of the shop. After that, I made my way to the station.


Wanted to get to the Namba station but for some reason I got lost and found myself at the next station. Oh wells. No biggie but I guess I walked one station for nothing.


As I was saying, I was chionging to Nara and on my way there I started thinking about whether it’s save to leave my baggage in the dormitaries cause some other people are also going to be staying there lol. Actually I was just worried that people might steal my bag (although I don’t have expensive things inside) and I won’t be able to write my report without the notes I got from the lecture. In the end I decided that I should just see how things are like at the dorm and if the place is havoc, I will just use some locker at the station. Turns out that I worried for nothing cause they had lockers in the room hahaha. Obviously the pros know what is necessary lol.

But anyway, I managed to find my way to the hostel without any troubles and the owner was super nice and he answered all my touristy questions v patiently hahaha.


Left those unnecessary stuff in the locker and went out for dinner plus an evening/night walk.


A tourist spot-styled lawsons. A little more oshare than the usual lawsons cause they try to design it to fit the surroundings.


As usual I couldn’t resist the urge to have ramen so I got myself ramen at this shop recommended in the guide and it tasted really good. But apparently it’s not ramen but Chinese soba but whatever I am just going to call it ramen cause it tasted like ramen to me. I really really like the 味玉. Bagus!


This sauce was really good too!!! I highly recommend adding it after you finish half your ramen to enjoy a change in the taste!


The nara mascot right outside macs.


I was contemplating whether I should go the shop areas (though the shops are already closed) or the temple area so take photos of the night scenery and decided to go to the temple area after checking out the photos online. I was quite satisfied (though I’m not sure if the photos will turn out as good as I expected then to cause I am actually writing this post before I edit my photos in case I forget about what I did lol) and glad that I went for a walk instead of just going back to the  hostel after dinner.

↑I typed this before editing my photos. Now I am just going to continue from here hahahhaa. Lazy me. Anyway I went to the temple area like what I said earlier and battled with the settings of the camera. It was v v hard to take photos cause one, I still don’t know how to use this camera and two, I have close to zero exp in night photography. So the shutter speed, yada yada yada I just had to anyhow adjust to get the photos I want and after uploading them onto my computers I realized more than half of the photos are screwed lol. Oh wells. No quality means I need quantity to make up for it.


I hope the photos are ok cause I am not really sure how to edit them lol. Actually they look abit not ok right.


Some really ulu building at some ulu place. I think it is supposed to be a library.


Nara is really interesting cause they even have road signs to ask you to look out for blur deers jumping into the road. Lol. Anwyay I finally reached this pavilion that was recommended by the person at the tourist center and it was really quite nice! It’s called the ukimido!


The green lights make it abit eerie though!


Sorry for the spam but I’m just uploading all so I can have them saved in my wordpress. Anyway the last one is my favourite!


From another angle. lol.


I thought the design of the curtain? is quite cute!!! And very fitting! Continue my walk towards another famous place called koufukuji temple.


The red colour of the cloth faded so much I couldn’t saturate them well. Oops. Maybe is cause I bo skill. Anyway by then I got a little tired and started making my way back.


Anyway, when I got back, no one was there yet and I realized only people like me go back before 10pm and to other people they will be like the night is still young and havoc around lol. So I bathed, packed my things and finally this other girl came and she was my only roommate that night. Shiok. So we had the room to ourselves and being the antisocial person I am, I didn’t even try making a small talk with her (and her me so it’s not only me) and we just stayed in our beds. Cause I was too lazy to use the lockers, I just left my luggage (only one backpack so not a lot) on my bed and slept with it just next to me. Anyway I took a photo of my bed hahaha. Had the whole double decker bed to myself.


I had quite a lot of fun cause I experienced a lot of ‘first times’ like taking a walk at night during a solo trip, staying in a hostel without anyone I know and touring Nara. Maybe I should dedicate my life to experiencing and challenging new things cause it’s super effing fun. Heehee.



As I grow older, it gets harder for me to take a stand on something. I think it’s related to what Stella said about the world being black and white and I guess for my case it’s the opposite, my world is in all shades of grey except black and white. 

Actually I was just thinking about some really small issue, about how I have mixed feelings about getting accustomed to things/events in our lives. And in the end I couldn’t decide on whether it’s good or bad and so I started thinking about how I am unable to have firm opinions. Actually I am v envious of my friends who all seem to be able to know what they want and which side they are on and also how they can v quickly know what they are supposed to do. 


Photo editing is always the rds when it comes to blogging. I always procrastinate and take super long to edit those photos. Maybe I should try to finish editing those photos I took two weeks ago and post them tmr or sth. Actually I am already done with the writing. 

I am really v undisciplined cause once I start reading xiao shuos, I just put everything aside and so I haven’t been blogging, bujoing nor kitchen timering for two whole weeks. It really makes me feel like I’m just wasting life away. Nevermind. 

It’s sale period over here in Japan again and I have the urge to shop and buy new clothes. But then again, I don’t think I should waste money since I won’t get to wear them often (cause I just wear tee shirt and jeans to work everyday and change to my uniform there). Hahaha. And I have nobody to go on dates with lol.

Oh anyway I think it’s about time I plan my summer hols cause it’s less than one month to it!!! I am quite excited about it although it’s likely I will be spending it alone (as always). I need to learn how to pack light and see if there is any kind of tips for me to go somewhere for one week with only one backpack. Hahaha. Maybe I can mail my luggage to the hotel I’ll be staying at in the middle of my holiday. Don’t know la shall just google and see what the pros say.