#203 About Osaka again

Sorry for the repeated post on my first day in Osaka but this time round it will be less on the lecture and more on my touring hahaha. Decided to post this asap if not I will just forget all about it after a week of experiments (need to throw old data into trash to clear data space for my expt results).  Anyway I will just go straight to my adventures after day 1’s lecture ended.

So I read somewhere about how the Kuromon Ichiba was the ‘kitchen’ of Osaka (or was it the ‘supermarket’. Ok I think it was ‘kitchen’) and wanted to check it out just for the sake of checking it out. So I made my way (I kind of had to rush cause it’s supposed to be a slightly wet market and the shops usually close in the evening) there right after I changed out of my suit and luckily for me some shops were still opened. This place felt like a combination of a wet market and a shopping street, maybe contents of a wet market but layout of a shopping street or something like it.


There were shops selling BBQ seafood and I was super tempted to buy but I decided that I wasn’t in the mood to spend SGD10 on the BBQ scallops. Hahaha. I was feeling quite cheapo that day lol. But it’s really quite ex (imo) to get a small scallop for that price leh. But I can’t deny the fact that it looks super legit and now I am feeling hungry again. Oops.


And I was lucky (at least I think I was) to see the uncle collecting the remains of the carcasses and so some reason he was smiling quite happily doing his job (maybe he is v 敬業)  or maybe he is posing for me cause he might be already quite used to weird foreigners taking photos of dead bodies (of those fishes).


There is also this shop selling tofu and related stuff and the thing that caught my eye was the ‘卖完了’ cause that’s like totally Chinese and I think I was in a good mood and so I was quite amused by it at that time.


They also sold seafood like those usual markets and the thing that was recommended online was the thing in the middle. I even zoomed in to show you what it is cause it’s like super cannot see clearly in the first one. Hahahha. So actually it’s just quail egg squeezed into the small sotong head and it looks super cute (Japanese people are really super creative). Although I really wanted to eat it, there were like > 5 housewifes flying around them/ resting on them and I don’t think my stomach can tahan housefly eggs so I decided to 眼看嘴不动. Omg to the hygiene by 100 points to their artistic sense.


So I finally satisfied my curiosity of that place and moved on to Dotonbori, where I always go to when I go Osaka, to get my dinnerrr. When in Osaka, EAT TAKOYAKI is the true blue 外人 (foreigner) way, so my first stop was of course the takoyaki shop. And I was super super surprised that there was NO QUEUE!!! Ok, there was a queue but only 2 people in front of me. Apparently this shop is supposed to be quite famous and usually have quite long queue but maybe cause it was a Thursday evening and Japanese people are still working. So lucky me didn’t have to queue too long for my takoyaki.


And the guy in the shop really look like some china/taiwan actor to me. You know some calefare who acts as everything but the main character. Oh wait. Maybe it was some Jap calefare I had in mind. Whatever la, as long as the takoyaki he makes is nice, I don’t really care how he looks. Hahaha.


And here’s my takoyaki, and next to it is the guidebook which brought me to it!


So after I just walked around and took random photos of the street. I secretly think I have similar pictures in my com but nvm just take.


I don’t know what’s so impressive about this billboard but since it’s like a ‘die die must take photo’ spot, I shall just follow the crowd and 入乡随俗. Ok I think the idiom I use wrongly.


I always knew of the existence of this river but I think this is my first time going down to this part of the street. I didn’t even know they had this structure at the Donki Houten shop.


After that I tried to find cheap food in Osaka and it was mentioned that there was some 140yen cabbageyaki so I went on a quest to hunt it down. #cheapthingsmusteat On the way there I saw the most sacred building which wrote ホルモン (beef or porl offal) and I secretly started drooling. Horumonyaki is seriously one of my favourite food in Japan cause I so super love intestines!


And I finally reached! It looked so unimpressive lol.


Looks like some singapore snack to me. You know this pastry with like peanuts on it? I forgot the name hahaha. Anyway it tasted normal and I don’t think I will recommend it unless you just have the urge to eat sth like okonomiyaki but no time to go to the shop and slowly it then maybe you can have this to temporary satisfy your craving. It is quite like a cheap substitute to the real okonomiyaki.

Anyway, considering that I still had lecture the next day, I decided to head back to the hotel to nua. On my way back, of course I spammed photos.


Capsule hotel!!! I think I wanna try it someday!!! (scribbles it onto my ‘want to try’ list)


The name of the shop caught my attention but I wasn’t interested enough to check out what kind of shop it was. I doubt it’s a kinky shop though (cause that part no the red light district kind leh).


This shop gave me a Taiwan feel (Jiufen feel) but I guess it’s just the red lanterns lol.


This is seriously the least crowded eggs n thing I have ever seen. I was really super shocked by how 冷清 it was.


Their streetlights quite oshare.


Yay! Back at my hotel!!! Looks super altas and super cool right!


Sorry I was lying. Too boliao. Ok this one then is the place I am staying. Ok la. I think it’s quite good and it looks quite new inside. Somemore got some oshare cafe-like place inside. The signs are also rather oshare. Got some kind of angmoh feel to it. But inside the hotel it’s just like any other business hotels.


And a photo of the toilet just for fun!


Ok! Goodnight amigos! I feel so sleepy!


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