Oh I’ve reached my 200th post!!! Hahaha. I think I’ve already exceeded it though cause I have some post which are like #xxx.5. Lol. Anyway, people around me have been traveling to cool places and making me abit 心痒痒 hahaha. I also wanna go Mogolia and Bali! And it also strikes me that I’ve to learn driving soon if not I won’t be able to travel around by car (so it will be super ma fan for me to travel to mountains and all the ulu pandan cool places).

I have also been feeling restless recently, like I don’t feel like doing anything at all except nuaing in bed and reading my book (and people who know me might say isn’t that what I always do). Feeling so super nua and wasting life away. Oh wells maybe I should just let myself nua while I still can cause you don’t know when you will suddenly become v busy. I am too lazy to even think about stuff to write in my blog. Lol.

Looking forward to Thurs cause I’ll be going to Osaka. Even though nth much to do, it’s still a change from my mundane everyday go lab life so I shall treat it as a 気分転換 and enjoy myself there.


One thought on “#200

  1. Jiayou have fun and do whatever you want! That’s the most time-sensitive indulgence out there – doing whatever you want. 🙃


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