#196.5 Technology singularity

A new term I learnt today. Form Wikipedia:

   The technological singularity (also, simply, the singularity)[1] is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.

Maybe cause I am not v imaginative, I don’t think that it will ever happen but my colleague told me about how it’s possible cause some computer beat the world champion in reversi or wei qi or sth. Thought sth was off about that example though I can’t say exactly what’s off about it. 

(Just for future reference)


#196 Priorities

Not in a good mood today because I don’t really know why my expts don’t go well. I am quite sick of doing the same things over and over again only to fail and not know why. I mean I don’t mind failing but I need to know why so that I’ll know what to do next but now I am just stuck that confused and irritated. I didn’t even have time to think about anything and I had to go home cause it’s no ot day today. Oh wells. Try harder tomorrow. It’s kind of sad May ended just like that.

Anyway, not in the mood to think about things but I just wanted to write about what’s on my mind today. I was thinking about how people live very differently because they have different priorities in life and whether there’s a need for me to rethink my priorities. Recently I started to realized how limited time is (cause I am growing old) and I don’t know if my current lifestyle is ok. Maybe there’s no right or wrong to way of living (unless in extreme cases) but somehow I just feel like there’s a need to live a more meaningful life. I don’t know, I feel like I am just wasting life away reading novels and watching dramas (like I shouldn’t be doing my productive stuff like learning new things and stuff) but without them I can’t imagine how boring it will be. My conclusion is that only people who enjoy self improvement can live a meaningful life happily. (A lot of fallacies here perhaps, but it’s how I feel right now at this point of time.)

Sacrifice is a concept we all have to accept. To gain something, we always have a sacrifice something. I have always believe in the concept of 等価交換 (a Jap term I learnt from full metal alchemist lol). Maybe it is cause I am a libran. Actually seems like the ‘price’ (価) is dependent on your priorities.

This is a highly messy post cause my thoughts are all over the place but I am just going to leave it as it is. 

#195 Mondays

I want to be cool and say that I have no Monday blues but actually I think I do have Monday blues. I find myself v unfocused and inefficient and v irritable on Mondays. Hahaha. But it’s ok since things are going to get better on Tuesday. Since emotions are relative and not absolute, I believe that it is important to have sucky days like Mondays so you can be more thankful for Fridays and Saturdays (Disclaimer: I believe that emotions being relative is a true for all statement, while the notion of Mondays being sucky/Fridays and Saturdays being great is merely a personal opinion).

But anyway, I don’t really have much to write about (wanted to write about relative vs absolute but I realized it will take my alot of my brain cells and time so maybe I will write next time when I got more patience and inspiration) but I just though I should blog today since I haven’t being blogging for quite some time (and I wanted to write sneak preview of my relative vs absolute post (see above) cause it’s my current topic of interest). Hope I will be able to pen my thoughts down properly on Wednesday cause I think my thinking cycle is at its peak on Wednesdays (after analysing my blog posts).

#194 Dinner date

Not a TGIF day but a IST (it’s still Thursday) date. Hahhaha. I think I always think of Thursdays as ‘how come it’s still Thursday’ hence the name. And I finally got the chance to have dinner with my batchmate, like finally cause we have been planning it since last June lol when we were separated during posting. And though we live quite close to each other, somehow we didn’t get the chance to have dinner together. It’s either she’s busy or I was or we just talked about and left it hanging.

Anyway, it’s my first time to 開成亭 and I ordered a set dinner (唐揚げ定食). To say the truth, it wasn’t was fantastic as I expected (cause the shop actually looked quite oshare) and it’s actually not that worth it. Maybe it’s unfair for me to judge it based on the set dinner cause usually a la carte menu is better. Oh wells. The photo of my dinner.

Though the food wasnt that good, I had a great time talking to my batchmate about our batchmates, life and random stuff. It has been long since I chatted with a batchmate and it’s always nice talking to someone sharing same experiences but yet having slightly different ones too. And I guess I’m not the only one struggling with work and everyone of us has some kind of issue at work. Shall ganbare together!

And my batch is really one weird batch but weird is always better than the norm in my dictionary so that’s just nice so me! Hopefully I’ll get past the inertia and go ask some other batchmates out for dinner too!

#193 Kitchen Timer Reflections

Finished my fifth kitchen timer session today. Have been doing it since last Thursday (skipped it on Sunday though). Actually my sessions are actually adaptations from the actual one cause ‘my project’ isn’t about writing but on other stuff that requires the internet. So instead of switching off internet and use pen and paper, I switched off data and WiFi of my phone and made sure I only visited sites related to what I was working on. I made changes to the actual system, but at the same time made sure I kept the essence of it (or what I think is the essence of it). 

  1. Do not be distracted when doing work (especially using social media)
  2. Make plans the day before (what to do and how long)
  3. Keep to the time (no longer nor shorter)

Maybe there are more to it, but I have picked these 3 points to be the things that I die die must follow.

Anyway this is supposed to be something to stimulate creative juices or sth like that, but I didn’t feel that way at all. Maybe that’s cause of the kind of thing I have been doing (researching on stuff, packing my room, etc) lol. However, I have definitely feel better efficiency (since I won’t ever do them if I never execute this thing), and it’s really no stress since the aim is not to complete what you’ve planned but to keep to the duration of the session and make sure you don’t get distracted. It works well for me since I am easily distracted, like I will find myself at some YouTube video when I actually wanted to use the com to book hotels or find myself looking at ig when I actually planned to just reply an email. Also it helps that recently I have be really into controlling my life and sticking to things I’ve decided for myself (cause I am really bored and the only person around to entertain my ridiculous plans is myself). Basically right now I am working on reducing my coffee intake (to only once a day in the morning), preparing lunchbox and reading news for 15mins during lunch break.

And so I digress. But anyway, kitchen timer has proved itself to be useful to me and I shall continue it for now!

#192 The meaning in life

This is something I have been thinking about for months already, ever since I went back to Singapore last Dec. I see friends around me grow up, do what they want to do/know what they want to do, be successful in life, have some kind of achievement in life, go forward in the stages of life, etc. But I find myself still in the same spot as I was 8 years ago. Still so lost, so confused and still doing meaningless things. So since then, I began desperately trying to find some kind of meaning in my life but I am still quite clueless about it.

Anyway, I chanced upon this TIME article on facebook (looking through facebook does have its good side) and thought that it was quite useful/enlightening so I decided to add it here for future reference. Hahaha.

(source: http://time.com/4524909/4-ways-to-find-more-meaning-in-life/?xid=time_socialflow_facebook) <- oops from the link you can tell I got it from fb.

The title is very clear and the article is simply about the 4 ways to find meaning in life. The photo they added to the article really fits it imo and hopefully I can be like that person and be enlightened soon.

The first method they gave was to belong to a group. And true enough, over here in Japan, I never really felt like a belonged to any groups. With my classmates/batchmates, I feel some kind of distance between us because of the different background, like there are often times I don’t get what they are saying (cause of both the language and the culture barrier). Things got better as time passes (likely due to the decreasing language barrier), but the difference in background will always be there. And by background, I mean a mixture of habit differences, music preferences, shared experiences and so on.

Next they mentioned is giving purpose to your work.

Purpose is less about what you do and more about how you see what you do.

Sounds like a psychological thing to me very similar to brainwashing. But to think about it, since purpose is now something tangible, we have to define it ourselves and I guess in this case, you decide the purpose to your work instead of having others define it for you. To me, naming the purpose to my work isn’t something that difficult since there’s an aim written down for me for my research. What’s hard is to look at the bigger picture and to feel that I am doing something bigger.

Next was about storytelling, about how we should ‘end it (our story) with redemption, not contamination, and become the superhero of your life’. I didn’t quite get this point and now I still don’t but I guess it’s about doing something about (negative) events that happen in your life instead of just accepting it and moving on. To me it sounds like it’s trying to tell me to make a change/be more active/to have more control over my life, and not just be a passive person and follow life as it is. It might be hard to accept that bad things have happened but to me it’s much harder to accept it and then do something about it so that you can change your future (even if it’s not a big change) for the better. I will learn to be more in control and stop being one who just goes with the flow.

The last point is about transcendence, to feel awed about the vastness of the world. It’s true that when you see the bigger world out there, you find yourself knowing how small you are (like what people always say), but I don’t really get how it links to finding meaning in life. Seems a bit contradicting to me cause if we are small, our lives would not be meaningful? (Or is a just a fallacy on my side?) Or does it mean my problems on being not about to know the meaning in my life is actually a very small problem so I should just move on with life and do things that I want to? I am still a bit confused about this point.

But anyway, to conclude, I guess this article has triggered me to think a little deeper into things and hopefully I am one step closer to finding the meaning in my life. (And I am secretly very happy that the fourth point actually justify my desire to travel – to look at how big the world is.)

#191 Trip planning

I kind of found a new hobby, trip planning. It’s kind of a fun process, especially when there’s an informative and easy to use website with almost all the details you need. And when planning a trip in Japan, I highly recommend japan-guide.com cause it is so informative! I am very dependent on it now for all my trip plannings!

Trip planning is especially enjoyable when you are planning a solo trip because you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! And since I am a really indecisive person to start with, things are worse when I have to consider others’ needs, especially when I am not that familiar with their travelling styles. So when travelling with others, I try to shy away from the planning and just go along with what others have decided on. That works for me cause everything feels enjoyable to me if I haven’t done it before. And it is definitely the easiest to follow cause I don’t have to use my brain at all. I would recommend it if you are a busy/lazy person.

I used to think like what’s the point of planning especially if there are other people doing it  a for you. But after my trip planning, I realized that planning a trip yourself brings that ‘enjoyable’ to another level. It increases satisfaction level to the maximum and it’s definitely worth the hassle.

1. It allows for complete control over your trip

Maybe it’s too much to say it’s a complete control due to unforeseen circumstances and stuff, but you will have control on where to go, where to stay, what trains to take, where to eat how long to stay at one place, going to some ulu place just for taking one photo and so on. I truly believe that people do, in some sense, desire for control over things they do and this helps to satisfy that desire. You get to decide how to allocate your budget too, like you want to spend more on food and less on transport or things like that.

2. Less blaming

I don’t know whether this is applicable but I do feel that planning trips yourself prevents the irrational blaming of other people when the trip fails/when you have regrets on the trip. (My angmoh not good enough for my to explain this properly.) I don’t know if it’s cause of the planning or cause of travelling alone but since you are responsible for the planning, there’s nothing to do but to accept it when something goes awry. Sometimes there are cool places that you didn’t get to visit and you will be thinking ‘we could have gone there…’ and start (maybe subconsciously) blame the other person for not thinking about that and planning trips yourself prevents that from happening.

3. It allows more higher levels of anticipation

With the pre-trip research, you get a rough image of what you are going to get, allowing you to be excited about it before the trip. It means that you are going to experience longer periods of happiness (I am sorry if the direct relationship between being excited and happiness is a fallacy but to me it kind of works that way). For me, it also provides me with some form of distraction from the stress from work.

4. You know what you are missing out and why

It’s not always ‘yay we get to do everything’ for all the trips you plan. Sometimes because of the season, sometimes cause of the assessibility of the place, sometimes cause of your lack of budget and there are tons of reason for you to be NOT ABLE to do things you want. Planning trips allow you to not what you are missing out and allow you to feel regretful (and to me this is not entirely a bad thing cause I like to be in touch with all my emotions, be they bad or negative ones). Another thing is at the same time, you get to KNOW WHY and to someone like me, the reason is something that I always want to know.

5. Sense of satisfaction upon return

Last but not least, post trip satisfaction is also something to look forward to. Since you are involved in the whole process of researching, planning, making arrangements, executing and post-trip reflecting, it’s like completing one whole (big) project (all by yourself if you are going alone). Different from those projects you do at work, this one has much less pressure since you are responsible for yourself (and your travelling companion if it’s a pair/group trip). 
On the downside, you might find yourself wanting to go to many places after looking at all those nice places while doing research so this hobby might drain your pockets if you let your travelling desires ran too wild. But then again, it’s part of the package to know your limits (budget, energy and so on) when trip planning so I guess that doesn’t really count.
Try planning your trips and you might find yourself gaining a lot more from your trips!

#190 The way I live

Today while I was cycling to work and enjoying the light breeze, I started thinking about how I’ve change (personality wise) over the years. It feels like I’ve become a lot ‘milder’ (I don’t know if that’s the right word for it) as compared to when I was a teenager. I used to be v demanding and difficult, wanting everyone else to do as I wished but as I grew older I realized that that’s not possible and eventually became who I am today. But at the same time, I also realized that since people aren’t going to do things my way/bend to my wishes, there’s no need for vice versa. And that’s where I am now and have been for a rather long time.

I guess the way I live can be summed up by 2 basic rules.

Rule 1: 己所不欲,勿施于人

This proverb really struck a chord in me when I saw it in NY. And since then, I’ve been trying my best to follow it and I guess it worked well for me to have some kind of rule in life since I was always bad with decision making/interacting with others.  So basically whenever I have to do something that concerns others

Rule 2: Don’t reject what others say (even if it’s different from what you feel/think)

The world is too big for us to be narrow minded so I always feel that we should accept everyone’s opinions and not be too cynical (maybe that’s the reason why I feel I am a lot ‘milder’ cause I usually don’t disagree with what people say). I feel that it’s very normal for people to feel different cause of all our different backgrounds. But sometimes I feel like I don’t have my own views on things (identity crisis) and I hope one day I can have my own firm beliefs and opinions on various issues but at the same time be open to new/different ideas.

I realized this is a highly narcissistic post talking about myself but who cares, it’s my blog anyway. Hahaha.

#188 KIRAKIRA Golden Week Day 3 Part 2

I feel so sorry about the long draggy KIRAKIRA Golden week series so I decided to chiong finish the last part today. Already v tired but I wrote in my BUJO about finishing blog post on day 3 so I am going to v fasterly finish writing this and go to sleep. Actually now I am in bed wearing my pajamas and v v v ready to go to sleep anytime. So I will long talk short say (chinese).

On day 3 of GW, after my photo spamming at Gaspard and Lisa land, I took one stop to 河口湖 station. That place was seriously crowded with people trying to get to the Shibasakura festival (which I intended to go at first but gave up cause of the crowd).


Since it was already 1130, I decided to grab lunch first before starting my sightseeing here (I planned to just walk walk along the 湖). And that proved to be v smart of me to have an early lunch because the queue became super long after 10 mins. Lol. Apparently the shop I went to was this famous shop selling the famous local dish. I saw quite a few foreigners and there were also Japanese, meaning that this shop is really famous.


And of course, like the true blue foreigner I am, I chose the special local dish called the FUDOU HOUTOU. Looks like udon to me! Even the coaster is oshare looking. And I like how the seasoning is placed in a Mt Fuji-like thing.


Piping hot Houtou!!! And it was really good!!! Even though I am not a veggie person, I really liked it! Especially the pumpkin!


And after lunch I went out of the shop and saw the tip of Mt Fuji blocked by clouds. Sian but at least the weather was still fine. Aiya, just treat it was some kind of art lorh.


So I started my walking towards the 湖.



I see the river now!


Getting back to the station. I like how they have Mt Fuji on the street sign!


Back at the station! Don’t know what they have this random torii just outside the station. Like v no link but I guess that’s how things are in Japan. Weird is the norm.



It’s this Fuji railway express train again!


But no I’m not riding it this time hahahha. Trying out the Narita Express NEX this time. The name sounds really cool and the train looks v professional (big contrast against the kiddy Fuji train lol).


The inside is woah… cool looking hahahhaa. I prefer the Hitachi tokkyuu train I took on the first day though.


Obligatory shots on the outside when on the train. Took this when the train was moving ok. Not bad quite stable right hahahha.


Changed to another train! It’s the thomas land train omg! I thought it was only for people paying extra!!! Don’t know why they let me take it!


Brings back memories… of my niece’s childhood. This train dude is not my era one. My era is pokemon, digimon and powerpuff girls lol.


Taken by angmoh family who offered to help me take when they saw my furiously taking photos of all the corners of the train. This time not that awkward I hope. Practice makes perfect.


It’s かせい. But alot more inaka looking than the 開成 station near my workplace lol. #samenamedifferentlifescenery #ulupandaninakastation


And last stop of my trip! 下吉田 station! To get to the 忠霊塔!I don’t know why the leaves so red but it’s not autumn here!


Mt Fuji! Hahaha. With that annoying piece of cloud.


I am eggcited about the top!!! Gonna start climbing!!


Woah!!! Hahahha. V nice!! and it’s like only foreigners around! (I told my jap friends later and no one knew about this place lol. Conclusion: this place only recommended on english sites)


Too bad no sakura liao. But it was really pretty! Anyway this marks the end of my GW trip. After that I was rushing back to catch the last train of the inaka line to my dorms. Super tired but super satisfied with this solo trip!

Can’t wait for my next (solo) trip!

#189 Change

Fell asleep halfway through blogging ytd. Hahaha. Wanted to post my last post on GW. I don’t know why but this time round I really took super g’, in the sense that I wake up and go to work at the same time everyday, go home at around the same time everyday, and after I go home I will eat, bathe and use com/blog/research on trip in August. And I have been doing that for one week plus already. It’s feels like I am wasting life away cause I am not being productive at all cause usually I will end up deciding nothing for my trip in august and I have to continue doing it the next day. I wonder what’s the reason for this inefficiency. And living a routinized life makes me feel bored about life. 

I guess I’m needing some kind of change in life. Like what? I still haven’t decided. 

Maybe a new hobby? Which I have been trying to search for for months. Or maybe I should just study sth.

Guess I shall just write it in my BUJO.

👁‍🗨Change sth in my life

(Btw 👁‍🗨 is the key for my ‘research needed’)