#178 ひるなかの流星

Finished the manga in one day. Hahhaha. I like it alot cause the girl ended up with the 男配 or the guy whom I thought was the 男配. Seriously it’s like I kept thinking the other guy was the main character hahhaha. Cause even in the live action movie, the poster focuses more on the other guy. So misleading but I am v happy cause she ended up with the guy I was rooting for. Heehee. Mamura is seriously so cute that I might be going back to 2D boys, although apparently he is based on 坂口健太郎 who is this ‘salt face’ guy I like. Heehee. Which means I like him no matter 2D or 3D wth.

But anyway I still go all dokidoki and stuff over the sweet sweet things in the manga but if I think about it rationally I am way past that age cause the characters in the manga are still 16. And I am like 10 years older than them. But why like that. Why my life not so eggciting one. Hahahhaha. When I was 16 I was fangirling over Donghae I think lol.

But anyway, if you are looking for a short shojo manga, I will strongly recommend this. It’s seriously short and easy to read and the good thing is that there are no bitches in the manga so you won’t get irritated at all.


#177 おだわら城

Hahaha. It finally my height! Lol. Anyway just felt like using hiragana for 小田原 for the title. Want to take photos of 藤 but I think it’s really really difficult for me to take photos of flowers. I really don’t know which angle to take from for a nice photo. The photos are taken using my phone btw. And I’m sorry for the selfies cause recently I just started using selfie stick and am now trying to explore new methods of photography. Hahaha. Please don’t judge me tyvm.


This is not a real railway track. Just one for the kiddy train.


Photos of wisteria starts here. Sorry I am still a nooby banana at taking shots of flowers.



It would have been much prettier if the branches were longer! Then I won’t have to go to the Ashikaga flower park to see the cool wisteria tree. (But now I really don’t know if I should go anot cause I am a bit lazy and I don’t feel like squeezing with other people).


Although I like to increase contrast and saturation when editing my photos, sometimes photos can come out nicer doing the opposite. I quite like the effect of decreased contrast and saturation for this picture! ↑


Trying to get artistic shots by taking the ceiling of the shed. Erm, no comment.


Beware, selfie starts here.


I like rusty things heehee. Oxidization.


The wind was super strong!!!

#176 女子会

Had 女子会 with my female colleagues today at this shop near my workplace. Food was quite good and the 雰囲気 of the shop was also rather nice. Actually I don’t really go for such stuff but I just thought that maybe I should join them this time round (cause I didn’t the previous time) if not I will be upgraded to ‘super super anti social’ lol. One of them even said that she showed off to other people saying that I will be joining them (hahahha showing how anti social I seem to the rest of my colleagues lol). Maybe she just wanted to say that she’s v honoured to have me around (but as usual I like to read between the lines).


This salad is quite nice but I thought it would be even better if they added abit of cheese and fried bread bits.


This is some fruit salad thingy which had apples, kiwi and pineapple? and salmon and smoked ham/bacon?. I had this feeling they were just trying to mix everything together. It would have been better if it was just the regular salmon salad. On a rating from 1 to 10, I guess I will only give a 4 or 5 for their salads.


The hash brown was good! I liked it alot! It’s a bit like mac’s hash brown and I really like it alot alot!!!


This is a squid ajillo. Tasted v nice although I think ajillo taste nicest with prawns. Hahaha. But the baby squids were v soft and nice! It’s an 8!


This italian styled sashimi is not v good. The fish doesn’t have the 入口即化 thing it is supposed to have. And the seasoning also not v impressive. Maybe a 4.


This ‘roast beef’ thing is v v soft and 入口即化 feel BUT it doesn’t feel like real meat. The seasoning is also meh. Not the kind I like cause I will prefer juicy beef over this kind of minced meat like beef also I think the meat is not minced? It’s just a bit weird. I don’t like it.


The photo is v blur but it’s some omelet with some demi glace sauce. I also didn’t really like this. It’s a bit lame like scambled egg with not enough taste and the sauce also not my type.


Luckily, not all the food were gross and this pasta was super yummy! I loved the creamy sauce cause it had a really rich seafood taste! I had the oyster but I thought the prawns might have been tastier. But the oyster was soft and nice so ok la.


This one is the Japanese styled pasta with the sakura ebi! V v v yummy and like not v common. Hahahaha. The only thing I felt was a bit lacking was the presentation of the food but other than that it’s perfect!


The desert. Strawberries were ok, the texture of the pudding was ok, brownie was v nice BUT the pudding wasn’t sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. Hahahha. A bit more vanilla taste would have been better too.

I don’t think I will go there again for a la carte stuff again but I don’t mind getting pasta there again.

The sky was really beautiful today just like a painting although the weather was super bad hahaha.


So pretty right!!! I was v v v amazed by the clouds!


Saw wisteria outside my workplace but it just started blooming so it’s still not that impressive. Hahaha. Hopefully it will become nicer soon!



I see all the nice photos of the different places then I feel abit sian. Why my camera spoil!???!?!!? So sad. I feel like crying lol. Anyway it’s really super sad cause I think my only hobby is taking pictures are having no camera with me makes me feel crippled or sth. Sian max.

Maybe I shouldn’t go out at all.


My blog post number is slowly approaching… my height. Lol. i am very sensitive to hundred and seventies. Hahaha. I never liked my height although a lot of people like to them me that tall is good. I always feel myself dying a bit inside when I see a 帅哥 shorter than me knowing that we won’t look good standing together lol. I used to be v sad about it last time but I guess right now I am still not v happy about it just no as sad anymore since there are so many other things around me that are worse than my height. And sometimes I just console myself that if I not tall nobody will remember me hahahaha cause I am not one who can make a v deep first impression on other people. But somehow my height just does the job for me. (And it also helps that I am non-Jap now that I am in Japan) #beoptimisticaboutlife

Anyway I making use of my BUJO to jot down ideas for GW. Hahahaha! See how I try to make it bling bling cause it’s supposed to be GOLDEN week #100marksforeffort.

 It’s so freaking easy to use hashtag to convey your thoughts cause it kind of tones them down imo. Like #fuckmylife seems a lot softer/milder to me than fuck my life. Don’t know if it’s just me or what. And living in Japan has kind of made me abit more repressed? I guess. Like I will try to hide/be indirect and stuff but I guess that’s not something I should do cause it makes me hard to get my thoughts across and why should I be following something that doesn’t make sense. Lol.

Cannot spend too much time here cause I need to quickly plan my GW if not I will waste my GW again doing nothing. Lol. This time I really feel like traveling somewhere. And I also need to plan for my weekend at Kansai in June.

#173 Cycling with a selfie stick!

No more camera means I need something new to play with. Since I cannot take high quality pretty pictures of the scenery anymore, I shall play with low quality pictures of ugly me. Heehee. #ifdontzipaiwhopaiyou #zipainoneedgoodcameracausethettargetisnotpretty #thelowerthequalitythebetteritis Sad life but yes it is a downgrade from my mirrorless to my hp camera. But it is ok since it means less effort in taking photos cause #photocomeoutbadlyalsonotmyfault. I wonder why I am blogging using hashtags but whatever.

And using a selfie stick means it is a bit more possible (from 0% possibility to 10%?) to take photos while cycling (but I highly recommend people not to do it unless 1. they are living in an inaka place like me 2. they are highly trained in cycling (i’m quite pro ok since I cycle everyday to work)). <- I had to use 2 brackets to close it cause I used 2 brackets just now. In my defense I only used the selfie stick when I was at the super duper ulu area and as you can see nobody was around.

Anyway, long time no post photos but here they are!!! (Sad quality as compared to last time but please don’t judge me. I am just a victim.)


My first shot using the selfie stick!! Not bad not bad! My hair flying up cause of the wind and you can see my bright and big forehead!!


My forehead is really bright!!




My fighting chicken eyes really v obvious. Lol. #人比花俏


Was feeling v shiok cause I realized selfie sticks are really v fun! They allow for a full body shot of myself although I am v long!!!!


Do you see my bike over there? (The aim’s abit off though)


Bui shong face cause damn hard to aim!


Finally got it (but actually now that I look at it, it’s quite fail lol.)


There’s a reason we call this place an inaka.


A bit more experienced than just now liao! V good weather but I guess it’s cloudy at Mt Fuji’s side so we can’t see it. Abit sad right!


A lot of ducks laxing in the long gou.


Failed? attempt at an artistic shot of this old old shop.


Another river.


The wind was super strong (and you can see my pimple v well lol).


Left and right arrows on the sign means have to wait long long so I whipped out my phone and took a photo while waiting. Hahahaha. End of cycling trip (although I didn’t really cycle that long/far) and I was abit tired towards the end probably cause of my neck. Cross bikes are not v neck-friendly so I might have to take note of that if I wanna go somewhere further.

And there goes my weekend and basically like always I got nothing done; plans for GW not done yet, work brought home left untouched on the floor, room not yet packed. Nvm next week I think I will not be OTing at all and so going home at 1700 means I have lots and lots and lots of time to do things (provided I am not too lazy to do them).

P.S. my pouch came (return gift from the married couple) it’s a lot smaller than expected but the texture and everything is really good!

#172 Planning for golden hols

After spending 3 hours plus on google, I still have no idea where to go for golden hols. It is so hard to plan a trip and I really think Minx is v v v cool cause she has been planning lots of trips. Haix. I don’t know but I can’t really find a place I wanna go. And I worry about where to stay, whether there will be things to look at, the weather and all the other things.

Should I go somewhere? Or should I be lame and just stay in the dorms for the 5 days (which is really a v stupid thing to do cause I will be doing nothing). Or just go hakone again (but I’ve been there so many times) or just go to hokuriku, even though it will be really crowded there. And having no license is also a big big problem cause I can’t go anywhere cool like cannot go up the mountains, down to the sea, etc, etc. Plus no traveling buddy. Hahaha. How arh how arh how arh I am v komatta. Please call me komatta san. But nvm I think I will just give up for today and continue searching tomorrow and hopefully I will wake up with super decisive mindset and chopchop decide on what to do.

#171 Wedding gifts

It’s quite hard to think of a weeding gift. Or maybe it’s because it’s my first time thinking about this. I wonder if it is better to go the practical 路线 or the creative 路线 or just the normal 路线. Hahahha. Any ideas? I was thinking of giving sth like a tracker (like we prepare all the pages and the couple just have to add in photos and write down the dates but will it be v lame? Don’t know leh. What do people usually want for wedding gifts? V hard leh.

#170 撞车

And I literally 撞车 today like I crashed into a car. Luckily it’s not the other way round if not I will probably not be blogging about it. Damn havoc. I was cycling to the station along this walkway (with a lot of pedestrians/cyclist cause it’s no OT day today) after work and suddenly this car just turned in from the main road into the street. And she totally ignored my presence though I was steadily moving forward. Although I didn’t manage to brake in time, my brakes did work abit and in the end instead of the car crashing me, I crashed into it. No harm done to me, I didn’t fall down, get any bruises but the handle of my bike got slanted but I was still able to cycle by reaching my left hand a bit further than my right hand. Oh man, I really cannot understand why the person so havoc can just turn in so suddenly and somemore there were like so many pedestrians walking along that walkway at that time. Moral of the story, cannot assume that all drivers are sane and that I should stop assuming the one stripes part of the road is the zebra crossing. I wasn’t shocked, traumatized or whatever and I just continued cycling towards the station (super cool, calm and composed ok) but the driver quickly got off and came to check on me. So I had to u-turn back to answer her and I just told her I’m ok and no injuries. Quite a responsible reckless driver lol so oxymoronic.

But anyway, I shall be more alert next time and must also train my reflexes so that next time I can brake in time.


Work is not that cool today either but I am sorry getting over the fact that I am not meeting my mentor’s expectations and he’s being irritated about it. But still writing about it here means I haven’t totally gotten over it yet or I guess I have to be cooler! And learn to heck care other people. Ok, repeat after myself, heck care other people, heck care other people, heck care other people, heck care other people, heck care other people, heck care other people, heck care other people, …. Oops. I confess that I actually just copy and pasted just now. Oh wells. I will be cooler tomorrow.

Anyway, made myself yummy dinner today! I really like how they always sell marinated pork intestines in the supermarket and I can just put them in the toaster to cook them. And I realized that it’s v nice to toast enoki along with the intestines! Bell peppers also go well with it. So I invented (not really invent cause I’m sure people all over the world are doing it cause it’s so convenient) this dish which I just dump onions, bell peppers, intestines and enoki onto an aluminium foil on the tray, add abit of soy sauce and then cover it with another piece of aluminium foil and just toast it for 15-20mins. And tada, it will be done with quite a bit of sauce at the bottom (the water is cause of the enoki i think)! The enoki also becomes really soft and nice! I really recommend this if you want to make a healthy (i think quite healthy leh cause got bell pepper and enoki) and easy dish on a lazy day. Hahahha. (every day’s a lazy day for me)

Anwyay photos from a few days ago when the weather was v good and sakura flowers were still there. Hoho

Letter and postcard from ahyue!