#128 Premium Tuesday

I don’t know when I will continue my premium series until. Hahaha. Have been going home before 1650 for the last 3 working days. Shiok max although I realized that I basically bathe, eat and then hide under my blanket to read my xiao shuo for all 3 days. Hahahah. Nevermind. Shiok is shiok.

Anyway, saw this article on how comic sans is actually for the dyslexic and realized that we cannot judge a font by how it looks. Very random but I just realized that the picture is actually missing a small ‘n’. Lol. Was trying to change the font of this post to comic sans but I realized I don’t know how to. Hahaha. Oops. I am such a lousy noob.


I don’t know if I should do work cause I brought some home but I am really too lazy now that I’ve started nuaing in bed. I doubt I will have the strength to get out of bed to get the things out of my bag.

Was trying to think about something to look forward too so that I will have motivation to work harder but there’s nothing. Maybe only the ueno date I’ve have with jingyu and ahyue in April, but that’s still so faraway. Hopefully some ikemen will miraculously appear tomorrow and tell me that he’ll be here from march onwards so that I can look at him while doing my work.


#127 Premium Monday

No such thing but I just chose to go home at 3pm today cause I wanted to go to the bank and I needed negative OT. Lol. Quite bored so I was just surfing the net randomly and reading my xiao shuo. Lips still chapped and it doesn’t seem to be getting better so I might just go to the 皮膚科 tmr or on Wed.

Anyway I have stomachache again and I really don’t know why so havoc recently. Not like I have been eating weird stuff. Sian. Maybe I should go to the doctor for that too but it’s like a totally different problem so I will have to go to two different clinics. Lol. Don’t know why they specialize until like that. In Singapore I just go to only one doctor and he can solve all my problems one leh.

Oops. Complain queen jasmine again. Aiya. But I really feeling v bu shuang about life now cause of my lip-pain and stomachache. Fml. Somemore it’s still the start of the week and I still have to ao2 through the whole week. But then again, I will be going home at 1650 for the whole week. So slack right.

Oh ya. When to the bank and got myself a new kiddy looking bank book. Hahaha. I am quite happy about it. It looks really cute as compared to the previous one. Shall just distarb myself with drama/book so that I will stop thinking about my stupid reoccurring  stomachache.

#126 Unwell

Feeling extremely unwell now. I have a v bad stomachache and I don’t know what to do about it. It’s not that kind you go toilet and will recover one. Sian. Don’t know how to get rid of it and I just feel like digging my stomach out and throwing it away cause I really feel v unwell. I don’t know if I am just imagining it but I am feeling hot and cold at the same time. Hope that I will miraculously get better by tmr if not I will have to take leave (and I don’t really have alot of leave anymore).

I am just going to rest asap.


I think I am freaking lag but I realized that in Feb the number for my posts-100 has been the same as the day itself. Hahaha. It’s going to be end of the month soon though. Anyway, my lips still chapped and gross and I don’t know what I should do with it. Spamming vasaline everyday and hoping that it will recover soon.

Nothing v interesting recently leh. But today I went to places I haven’t been to before, although one of them is quite close of my uni. I was rather surprised by how new Sagamiono is cause I randomly assumed that it will be quite old when I saw the name of the place. 偏見かな. I also went to this place called Shimokitazawa and it’s v … trendy? Like all the young people dress v fashionably and hip. Not prettily in white blouse and sky blue knee-length skirt but the colourful clothes and flare jeans kind of trendy. I was also quite surprised by the place cause I expected a more ulu Shinjuku.

Maybe can explore those places again next time.


TGIF is so out. The new in thing is premium friday! Lol. Although it doesn’t sound as catchy as TGIF (but it’s v jap cause they like to use this kind of adjectives), it’s way cooler than TGIF cause you get to pang gong at 3pm! And yes, you didn’t hear wrongly, it’s 3pm! V early right! It’s not compulsory or anything but at least your boss cannot stop you from leaving work cause this is a new campaign across the whole of Japan, where people get to pang gong at 3pm the last friday of every month. (Oops, I know I blogged about it ytd but I am writing about it again cause I actually got to experience it today.) And going home at 3pm made me quite shiok at first but at 6pm, I already finished watching my drama and eating dinner so I became quite bored and right now I am still v bored. Maybe premium fridays ain’t for people living alone like me cause we don’t really have things to do even if we get to get off work early. So maybe I might not do it again cause I think it was better when I pang gong on time at 5pm, not too tired and won’t get bored. But anyway, good to have experienced premium friday cause it’s a rather amusing concept (with an equally ridiculous name).

Anyway watching random videos on youtube now. My boys released a new album quite recently (I think early Feb) and I think this song is quite nice and a little different from their usual energetic main songs. The other song they are promoting (not today) is more like their usual ones.


Already so old liao still look at young boys. But nvm, once a fangirl, always a fangirl so if I have to blame anyone, I will have to blame dajie cause if I don’t remember wrongly, she was the one who intro korean songs to us (when we were in NY).

Oops. What shall I do next? Maybe I can read while lazing on the bed and just sleep when I feel like it. Not v tired today though.

Moral of the story: Premium friday might sound like a fantastic thing for all, but actually it might not be suitable for everybody (including the very-no-life me).

Now you can spread coffee on your toast in Japan!
Omg I want to try!!!

#123 7 planets!

So cool! I wonder if there are similar beings over there. Apparently 3 of them are suitable for living or sthing. Hahaha. But then apparently the planets don’t rotate cause othey are tidally locked (don’t know what it means though) and one side will forever be day and the opposite will forever be night. Cannot imagine leh. Hopefully they discover new things again cause it’s really super cool and makes me wanna go check it out. Actually NASA is really really cool. And google’s icon is really cute with earth spying on the other planets.

Ended work early and going to end work early everyday till the end of Feb cause my boss told me not to OT anymore. Hahaha. He said it’s cause I OTed too much which I really don’t understand why but maybe cause sometimes I have to wait for my reactions that are 10 hour plus to end. Oh wells. And anyway, apparently tomorrow is premium friday (this new thing in Japan where people are encouraged to get off work at 3pm on the last Friday of every month starting from tomorrow) and I am going to end work at 3! Lol. It’s really super amusing how they come up with such names for such random events.

Can’t wait from my very first Premium Friday.


#122 No OT day

Heehee I love Wed! Anyway, made udon for myself today using the kimchi pot soup base and added all my favourite ingredients! Was quite yummy cause this time round I added less water. Apparently the soup base is for 180mL of water (which I thought was quite havoc cause how come one serving only 180mL). But anyway, followed instructions this time and it came out really well.

Feeling slacky and shall slack. Heehee

#121 やる気

Today I やる気あった!So I did quite a lot of expt! Although half of them failed, lol. But nvm, at least I tried. And monthly report is also over! Hahaha. Wasn’t able to answer some of the questions but oh wells it’s over so I feel shiok! I think I might be in a rather good mood.

Nothing v special today and I am still reading my xiao shuo and watching my drama. Hopefully I will do sth interesting this weekend!

#120 Lazy monday

Feeling v v lazy today. Don’t know why but I couldn’t focus at work at all. Lol. I also felt really hungry though I snacked at 3pm. I think I am really going to grow a 5-cheng ruo from my current 3-cheng ruo cause I keep feeling hungry. And no, it’s not like those drama where the female lead suddenly become v gluttony and the tai yi comes and say gong xi shao ye, ning fu ren you xi le. Hahaha. Sorry was just being lame. I am such a hungry bird. And a lazy bird.

Anyway, I using this dating app and I wrote down that my hobbies are watching tv and reading books. Then got this person ask me what shows i watch then I said China and Korean shows. That he gave up and asked what books I like. Then I said English and Chinese books and no Jap books. And I think he gave up again. Lol. I think I will give up on the app cause I think Jap boys not suitable for me. Hahaha.

I shall get back to my hobby aka reading Chinese books. Lol

#119 Being alone

Waiting for train at this v old station and like most old stations, the frequency of the trains is quite low sound I have been waiting for 15 mins. I think it should be coming soon. 

I think I’m v used to being alone, living alone, eating alone. And I can actually entertain myself quite well, sometimes by randomly talking to myself. Like I will comment on some stuff to myself and reply to the comment. Sounds abit weird but I don’t think I am like those people with imaginary friends leh. And being alone actually makes me feel more. Like I will look up into the sky and see if it’s cloudy or sunny, observe the stations and gauge how old is it and think about really random stuff. Don’t know if it’s a good thing to be used to being alone. Luckily I don’t really feel lonely though. It’s like I kind of know someone will always be there when I need someone, like my family and friends. Actually maybe I am just not v needy. Haha.

Anyway, going to chigasaki now and it’s my first time going there. Last time I went past it on my cycling trip to enoshima but I cannot really remember how it was like. 

Time passes v quickly on weekends and it’s gonna be Monday again. And I’m going to have monthly report on Tuesday and this research presentation on Friday. Seems like it’s gonna be a rather tiring week cause I will have to deal with questions on my research that I don’t think I will be able to answer.

V random but recently I have been singing 江南 while doing expt. V weird right. I don’t even know why that song suddenly popped into my head the other day.

Oh. I realised this line so ulu that the train is those kind need to manually press button for the train doors to open. Hahaha. I realised that I like the ulu places in Jap cause I get to enjoy scenery I don’t in sg. And the cities aren’t that spectacular and imo pales in comparison with sg. Lol. 

Actually sometimes I think I am a v boring person cause I don’t really do eggciting stuff like diving, snowboarding, bungee jumping and sporty stuff, neither do I go out clubbing and havoc. I just say at home and watch drama, read books. It’s like my life v boring in the 现实世界 and a lot more interesting in the 虚幻世界 aka my imagination. Oh wells. I guess I shuang can liao.