#100 My bloggie is 100 years old!!!

So coincidental that my 100th post is on the last day of Jan. Must be cause I’m cool! Haha. Anyway I think it’s quite funny sometimes when I think how I blog everyday when there’s nothing special cause I am supposed to use this blog to help me remember interesting things. In the end I just crap about stupid things on mundane days and I don’t think I will go back and read my posts cause they are just full of nonsense. Maybe I can try to categorize them better to sort out the more interesting ones from the rest.

Anyway, recently my mentor is so busy that he doesn’t have the time to care about me so I can just do all the expts I want. But at the same time, I find that it might have become a bit more inefficient for me cause I can’t double check with him sometimes before I start doing expts. Hahaha. I guess I am overreliant on him but I really don’t know what I am supposed to do. Sometimes I just blur blur all the way and anyhow do until I feel v frustrated and stop doing . Hope he will become a little less busy but I guess not cause his research is actually going so well that he has to do plus alpha stuff.

It’s the last day of Jan and I promised myself that today shall be my last day of procrastination. Will start practicing faux calligraphy from tmr (hopefully I really do). I also feel like eating some cool stuff so maybe I should go find new recipes and make new stuff to poison myself, I mean to feed myself.


#99 Lunchbox day!

I brought my lunchbox to work today! Felt a bit weird cause most of the people in the lab with lunchboxes  are those newlyweds who get to enjoy their 爱心便当 everyday. Nvm, mine is also filled with lots of love… from myself! Hahaha. I was quite happy with it and I took a pic and sent it yo my mama. And my mama v nice and entertained me saying that it looked 色香味俱全 (though I don’t get how she know the 香 and 味). Shall post a photo of it here. Can tell that I trying v hard cause you can see the deco I put there.

Anyway, my mentor took leave today so I was havocly spamming expts and just trying things that I wanted to try. I think I never really do anything productive but at least I prepared for tmr’s expt so I can go over the other factory to eat lunch! Got 担々麺 tmr! Hahaha. Hopefully I can finish by afternoon if not I will have to go on wednesday instead (means it will be カレーうどん. I don’t really mind curry udon but I haven been eating it for two weeks already).

Read trump’s news during lunch and it was about some ban on muslims going into US or sth. Hahah. I don’t really exactly know the background of the whole issue but I thought that trump’s really havoc. But thanks to him, I find lunchtime news reading quite funny recently.

I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about so I shall stop here! See you guys tmr for my 100th post! Quite eggcited but I secretly think in the end there won’t be anything interesting tmr.

#98 大年初二


Still in CNY mood so didn’t felt like doing work at all. A bit gg cause I haven’t done the thing that my mentor told me to. I guess I will just do it tmr. Hahaha. Anyway, dug out my lunchbox and I have decided that I am going to bring lunch to work tmr! A little eggcited cause I haven’t been doing that since I graduated.

Hope that I will get my やる気 soon and stop procrastinating. Life is short and it’s gonna be much shorter if you procrastinate. Feb shall be DA MONTH. I shall be a cooler person and do cooler stuff!

Shall post photo of my lunch box tomorrow after I pack it! Heehee. Random but I am v full from today’s meals. I think I might have gained 2-3kg. Ate too much and suffering from serious case of 三层肉.

#97 CNY

IT’s CNY today but I nv wear new clothes. I didn’t even wear red cause (1) I don’t have red shirt/pants and (2) it will be too weird to wear ang ang in Japan cause nobody does that. The main reason is (1) though cause when I looked through instagram today, a lot of pple wore ang ang and looked v festive today and I felt a bit jelly. Wanted to buy KFC today to celebrate CNY (KFC and CNY no link though) but I totally forgot about it when I was going home so in the end I just went home and ate my one-person hotpot. Today’s hotpot v colourful cause I added a lot of different things and as usual I was v v full after eating cause normally I like to dump a lot of things in when cooking.

Anyway, I guess I am not going to be able to finish any english book this month cause I am reading a chinese book again. The 乖乖女 in me is v irritated with myself but the 人生得意须尽欢 me is just thinking that I should enjoy life the way I want it. Oh wells. Anyway I would like to recommend this plain bread in Japan which I like a lot cause it’s v v soft and v yummy, and my favourite part of it is that when you toast it, the outside becomes a little chao da and crispy but the inside still remains v v soft. It might sound like a normal thing but in my many years of 一人暮らし in Japan experimenting on diff brands of bread, this one is DA BEST! (Abit exaggerated maybe) Bread is v impt cause a good and yummy breakfast is a decisive factor to how good your day will be.

Anyway, v lag but I found the link between KFC and CNY! It’s year of the rooster this year!!! That’s why I wanted to eat KFC even though I didn’t exactly know why then. Hahaha.

Suddenly feel like going shopping. Wanna buy new clothes but I just keep thinking I should stop buying stuff cause I already have a lot of things here. Roars. Nvm, I will just stop myself but saying 色既是空,空既是色 next time.

#96 New year eve!

And it’s Friday! Although there’s no holiday for cny, I get to slack cause it’s a Saturday. What should I do this weekend? Heehee. In cny mood although nobody’s celebrating over here. I am just spamming pineapple tarts (and I rmb saying I’m going to diet for the taobao dress lol). Maybe I should read a book cause I haven’t read any english book this month and there’re only like 4 days left. It will be quite pathetic if I dao my 2017 resolutions even in Jan right. (But secretly I just wanna read my 小说.)

Anyway, I really need to practice faux calligraphy cause it’s going to be Feb soon and I wanna use my new cool handwriting (not mine yet) to write in the book. But I think confirm fail one so maybe I shall give up this time. Maybe try in March or sth. Talking about my BUJO, I haven’t been writing my daily to-do list cause


except for wake up, go work, go home, sleep. So there’s basically nothing special for me to write about. Plus my BUJO is not like a journal cause I have this blog to crap about my life. Nvm I guess I will find other uses for it. Or maybe I just need to spice up my life a bit so that I have a lot to write for my ‘events’ and ‘to-do list’.


#95 Eating snakes and hello pandas

My new favourite word. Recently I am obsessed with translating chinese phrases in =to angmoh word for word. It’s fun cause sg pple will understand but I think if I say to an angmoh that I want to eat young grass, they won’t get it. Anyway, I was a bit listless today cause there wasn’t much to do but there was a v long waiting time for my expts. It feels v waste time but seriously there’s nothing I can do about about the long waiting time. Maybe I will continue reading the book that I borrowed if it’s still like that tmr. I guess I still need to study a bit so that I can plan my expts better.

I don’t know what I should do this weekend. I really wanna go somewhere to take pictures but I have already been to the nearby places and I might have to go a bit further if I wanna go somewhere new. And it’s actually quite cold now so it might be a bit hard for me to use the camera while wearing gloves. Maybe I will go eat hotpot this weekend since it’s cny. Talking about cny, I was the only one in cny mood in lab (cause Japs don’t celebrate cny).

V cold now and I am freezing even though I am in my room with the heater on (30 degrees somemore). But I think cause the window is v big, heat loss is v fast and that’s why the room doesn’t get heat up fast. I just touched the curtains and they are still damn cold. Oh man, I am freezing. Anyway i wanted to do some meme thingy ytd on ‘when people in japan complain it’s cold: 0 deg vs when people in singapore complain it’s cold: 23 deg’ but it was too troublesome. Bsj was saying sth about it being v cold ytd and I thought it was quite amusing cause during that time I was waiting for bus outside and freezing my ass off.


#94 Happy Wednesday again

Felt so shiok when I got off work at 1650. And apparently it’s pay day today (but my pay is very very little so I always feel v sad about this). Nevermind shall just read my book and chill. I had a headache the whole day today so actually I am already quite tired. Maybe I should eat meds and sleep early like at 10 or something.

Only 2 more days of work this week. It’s really v fast. I wonder what I should do this weekend. But right now I just feel like reading my 微微一笑很倾城 (although it feels more like 大神一笑很倾城 to me).

My dinner!

#93 Time flies like a golden snitch

And I realize I have been blogging for 3 months. Everyday. Except for one day when I forgot about it but I made up for it by blogging twice the next day. Haha. I think blogging has become part of my life but I wonder how long more will I stick to this habit. Maybe to be a famous blogger you have to do many interesting things and be v cool, but to be a blogger you just have to know how to crap about stupid things, which I think I am quite good at.

Had monthly report today and I feel v shiok now that it’s over. It always feels stressful when I have to report about my close-to-non-existence data and explain stuff that I myself don’t really understand and try to convince people that I will have better results next time. Sigh. Research is so hard. Maybe I am not suitable for it cause I’m a v anyhow person and usually researchers need to go into the smallest bit of details to get v important info.

Anyway, I don’t know why but I always feels v v tired at work but not sleepy when I go home. It’s kind of irritating cause I need to focus more when I am at work to deal with all the stupid problems but sometimes I just doze off halfway through my analysis and when I go back to it, I have to start all over again. I tried to blame food coma but it happens to me even before lunch so I guess there might be other reasons to it. Any advice for me?

I am looking forward to tmr cause I get to end work real early. I am going to rush home and prepare the kimchi soup thing cause winter is for もつ鍋. Anyway, もつ means intestines and I really really love them and the most common one they use for soups is the cow intestines which look like this.


Looks unappealing raw but…


very yummilicious when cooked!!! (images from google. heehee)

It’s my favourite food in Japan! No.1 on my die-die-must-eat list! Please eat it if you come Japan (but I don’t recommend it if you don’t like intestines/fats).

#92 Daily routine

I realize I do the same thing everyday on weekdays. In the morning, after I wake up, I will prepare breakfast and then wash my face, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, change, put makeup and leave for work. In the evening after work, I go back and have dinner, bathe, put mask,  drink veggie smoothie, blog and call my mum. Hahaha. V routinized right. And I really like sticking to a routine cause it makes life so easy. And I think I plan my morning routine until v efficient so I don’t waste any time in the morning.

Today I had quite a slack day cause they have this massive safety meeting this afternoon and I didn’t have to do my usual work cause we had to discuss about safety in the lab/factory. The reason why they suddenly had that was cause there was this accident in Dec and someone got hurt from touching hydrogen peroxide. So I guess they were v angry/shocked that such thing happened (cause they were aiming for zero accidents this year) and decided to raise awareness about safety precautions in the office. It kind of took up my whole afternoon so work ended rather quickly today.

Shall work hard tomorrow and do my polymerization reaction. I shall also finish all the random stuff that I have been postponing since don’t know when. There are so many things to do but so hard to do them cause I am not v familiar with polymers and all the different analysis/assessment things. We only had NMR, IR, MS to characterize our compounds but things are so different with polymers. Ok la. Since it’s quite interesting to do something diff.

Waiting for my hair to dry so I can sleep early and wake up refreshed!

Goodnight! (Although I think I will only sleep one hour plus later!)

Photo of the kimchi pot I made on Saturday!