#69 Last day of 2016 & 2017 resolutions

And the day for new year resolutions. I was trying to look for inspiration on what to include in my resolutions so I scanned through my previous blog. And I realized I used to write in a v weird way like I try to say things but at the same time hide certain details so actually when I read through them now, I cannot really understand what I was trying to say last time. Hahaha. It’s like I 躲躲藏藏 in my 言语之中. Maybe cause I had this massive crush on my batchmate and I was being an angsty and emo teenager. But I think I used to be better at writing cause I haven’t been using English much for the past 7 years. Anyway, enough with the crapping and I shall start on the 神圣 task of writing my 2017 resolutions.

1.Read less 小说 and more angmoh books.

To be more precise, read at least one angmoh book per month. I was taught that we have to write down our plans clearly so that we will execute them so I shall quantify my new year goals. Hahaha. One book per month seems miserably little but I think I only read one angmoh book the whole of 2016 (and somemore it cannot be considered a book cause it’s more like a script (HP and the cursed child)) so I guess I should start small. And I don’t think I can quit my addiction of 小说 so easily cause I have been trying to quite since forever but to no avail.

2.Find a new hobby.

Working on that since October and I guess taking photos can be considered my relighted hobby. And I might start trying backpacking or something IT related. I don’t know but sometimes I just feel like I am just wasting life away spending my weekends at home reading. Reading sounds like a good hobby but let me tell you it’s not when it involves reading the same type of books with similar plots over and over again. Although I judge myself quite often for doing such unproductive things, I just can’t stop myself from reading them.


I guess I should start running again after slacking off for 2 months (or is it 3). I keep finding excuses for myself for not exercising but I guess all slack and no exercise make Jasmine a nua girl and I shall start running again. Maybe after winter? Hahaha. As for now I shall keep to simple core workouts like situps and planks.


Sometimes I just feel like my brain has started to rust cause of the lack of intellectual stimulus in my daily life. I think I’ve become a lot more stupid after going to Japan and I really hate it (but I haven’t been doing anything about it). I need to study or learn new stuff to keep my brain active. What should I start with? Maybe English lol.

Basically, in 2017, I hope I will become less satisfied with the status quo and more open to changes so that I can do new things while I am still young and still got 体力. And I hope I will say less ‘I don’t think I can do it’ and more ‘I’ll try’ ‘I will do it’. Although I don’t think writing this post will motivate me that much, I guess it serves as a to do list to remind me that I actually gave myself new goals for 2017. And maybe I will actually start executing my new plans if I am too bored or if I suddenly feel motivated about life. Hahaha.

As for relationships, I don’t think I am doing that badly at it but maybe I will try to contact my family more next year and be more interested in how they are doing. I guess I will also be more active in asking people out (although I think I do ask people out quite frequently) and keeping in contact with old friends.


#67.5 Photospam

Edited yesterday’s photos just now and decided to blog early today because early bird gets the worm. Sorry I’m crapping again. Actually I woke up with a headache probably due yesterday’s long long trip (although most of the time I was just sitting in the car) but luckily it got a lot better after eating panadol. And I was thinking I should just do all the computer stuff in case my headache gets worse later. Hopefully it doesn’t.

Anyway I don’t really remember if I’ve ever gone to jb by car before but there was really a lot of people yesterday (maybe cause eoy and people wanna 办年货). I saw the motorbikes queuing and found it interesting (for some unknown reason) so I took a photo for them. It was quite scary cause I scared later some ah beng come and beat me up so I locked the door before taking but in the end I realized that we were stuck in a traffic jam and if people really bui song they will come over and break the glass and there’s nothing I can do to defend myself. But then again I guess there are a lot of police over there so I guess I’m safe.


After crossing the checkpoint, I saw a lot of people walking towards sg when driving across the causeway. Maybe cause it’s faster to walk across cause got jam. Don’t know la.


Anyway I was taking photos while sitting in the car so sorry for reflections and the dashboard at the bottom of the photos (is it called dashboard arh?). Too lazy to crop it out. Anyway the newer buildings in jb are just like those in sg so no cool photos of jb architecture but the parking method is just a little more havoc in jb. Maybe not a little but quite havoc.


I don’t know if this is considered havoc though. Apparently there’s this famous fishball noodle store in jb and I saw quite a few photos of sg artistes hung on the wall (so should be quite famous). Had 老鼠粉 dry one and didn’t think it was that nice. It was okok maybe cause I am not a fan of fishball noodles in the first place but my mama and my aunt said it was v nice. So I shall just quote them and they said that the soup is nice plus the fishball (apparently handmade). I thought the fried dumplings were nice though cause the skin is really crispy and the filling is also yummy and quite a lot as compared to those I’ve eaten before.


There was free wifi at the place so we were all looking at our pokemon go. Lol. We stopped next at Giant supermarket but I would say that the stuff there are not that cheap. We went to TESCO next and things are cheaper there. Quite sad cause we already bought quite a lot from Giant. I will recommend people to just go to TESCO if you wanna do grocery shopping in jb. PC294844.jpg

After grocery shopping it was already noon so we set off for lunch at some seafood place near the sea. The weather was quite nice so I just randomly took photos on our way there. The bridge in the first photo looks like some bridge in Korea/Japan imo but apparently my sis thought that it was more like some bridge in Australia. Lol. I think it’s cause she angmoh 派 and I 哈韩.


We reached the seafood place called Restoran Todak which is like just beside the sea (or on the sea according to pokemon go) and ordered so much food that we were all v full and tired (cause of the crabs) after eating. It was really cheap and it was around RM200 (I think) for 5 pple which means around $13 per person. Super cheap right considering all of us eat until 爆.


I was quite taken with the corridor haha.

Too many photos so I shall post them all together. After eating we went to City Square and walk walk and shop but I didn’t get to buy any clothes but I was quite happy with my new notebook which I’m gonna use as my bullet journal. Finally gotten it after nagging on the blog for 2 months. Lol. Anyway the action city in the mall was quite cool and being a loyal employee, I got quite eggcited when I saw those polaroid cam in the display cabinet!


Cool right!!! Anyway they look really colourful but I don’t think it’s by fujifilm cause fujifilm doesn’t seem that havoc to me. Hahaha. I wanted to take a photo with the big big camera but a bit lose face. Anyway after shopping we went to the street market for dinner (hahaha we just kept eating and eating yesterday). But cause we were all still v full from lunch (I think I said the same thing in ytd’s post) we only ordered 3 dishes and dabaoed the mutton soup home.

#67 Malaysia trip

Went to Malaysia for makan trip + grocery shopping. We left the house at 7 and we are still in Malaysia even at 20 plus. Havoc right. I am blogging now while the person’s checking our passport at the woodlands checkpoint.

Seems like that’s gonna be a traffic jam but it’s ok cause traffic jams are good for walking the eggs. Anyway, we bought so much stuff that the car feels really heavy. Not like I really went down to push it or what but it’s just that it feels like the car needs alot of power to move forward. Hahaha. 

Talking about eggs, I managed to hatch 2 cool 2nd gen Pokémons!!! Smoochum and Magbaby!!! 

Cute right!!! Hahaha. I am quite happy with them. Other then playing Pokémon, I also brought my cam, I mean my sister’s cam, to take photos but in the end I took mostly photos of food cause there isn’t much to take in JB. Oh and I am still stuck in the jam at the checkpoint.

I shall edit the photos and upload them tmr! Look forward to them please!!! Although they might make you guys crave for sg food. Oops. I mean JB food. It was really quite yummy and v cheap! Wanted to eat more for dinner but couldn’t cause of the late lunch and we were all still quite full. But I dabaoed back mutton shop from the roadside local food cause my aunt wanted to let my grandma try. I also got myself mutton ribs (maybe to 加料 for tmr lunch). Quite eggcited.

#66 Singapore omiyage

Time really flies. Only one week plus left for me to slack in Singapore. Sad. I realised life at home is really good cause it’s like 饭来张口 lifestyle now and I totally don’t have to think about anything or do any household chores. Maybe also partly cause there’s no work and I get to nua at the sofa and whole day. How ah how ah. I really don’t wanna go back to Japan or get back to work. And the thing is I start work the day after I get back so there’s no time for me to rest at all.

But instead of complaining, I shall think about what I should do for the rest of my holidays although I think in the end I will just be watching shows and reading 小说s. Oh wells. But I will have to remember to buy some souvenirs back for my colleagues and batchmates and plus alpha. Actually I also don’t know what to buy cause bak kwa doesn’t seem that popular in Japan. Maybe just heck care and buy it if I don’t find other souvenirs.

Actually it seems like bak kwa might be ok cause


Lol. The link actually included the title of the article.

“Without a middleman, we can cater to the customer’s needs faster. For example, we have customised our packaging to suit the local market. Packaging is something that is very important in this market,” he said.


V true. And the packaging really looks Jap style. (Anyway the picture is koped from the website.)

Maybe I should be lame and just get the Merlion chocolate cause it’s like the only thing that Japanese will automatically link to Singapore. They always say merlion to me when I mention I’m from Singapore but the thing is to us Singaporeans, merlion is not that cool cause the merlions in Singapore are v small and v minor. Hahahah. Just imo.


Another site on Singapore souvenirs and slightly useful cause it’s kind of related to Japan (maybe the writer is Jap?? Not sure). I think I might consider the first two cause the first one (Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa) is really quite useful and the second one (OWL SOYA BEANCURD PUDDING(豆花布丁)) seems nice although I haven’t tried it.


This one also kind of related at first glance but I realized that it’s a little general. Maybe I will consider an ARMY tshirt. Lol. How to get it anyway arh? Maybe I will just ask my sis cause she bought them last time.


Never really read through it cause I am getting a little lazy and shall just paste the link here in case I need them next week. Hahaha.

Anyway went to tampines mall today to go popular (I love going popular cause I like looking at all those novels and assessment books) and my mama was totally a gamer in the car. Check out her and her 3 phones.


I got myself lamb chop for lunch and it still tastes as nice as last time. Shiok.

#65 Sentosa

As the title suggests, I went to Sentosa today! Not that I wanted to go but cause my sister wanted to ‘hatch eggs’ by taking the tram at Sentosa. Apparently the speed is just nice for hatching eggs. Quite satisfied with it cause I used the extra account that my sister prepared for me and hatched a Pichu! And I must say it feels really good when everyone around me has yet to hatch a 2nd gen pokemon. Heehee. And since I am still not over my photographing craze, I borrowed my sis’ camera (which is the same model as mine) to take photos at Sentosa but it wasn’t v satisfying cause the weather wasn’t that good today with all the dark ominous clouds. Sad but at least I tried my best. Hopefully Sentosa people will like the photos I take and ask me if they can kope my photos (oops I 想太多).

Anyway my favourite photo of the day isn’t one by me but one of me cause I think I look v retarded in it.


V retarded right and I think I look quite colourful today!


Me, ma mum and ma sis. Check out my long arms! Can extend across 2 pple!


See my mum’s a pokemon trainer and she’s like using 2 phones cause I was too busy taking photos to play. And I feel really touristy taking photo with the USS globe lol.


Anyway we had lunch at this place called ruyi and the fried rice was quite good. But cause like everyone else wanted fried rice, I order the 卤肉饭 so that I can try different things. It was quite yummy but I think it wasn’t really worth it cause it was $7.50 for a la carte and they didn’t really give a lot of meat.


I borrowed the drink and the dessert (guilingao) to take photo. See the meat v little right! But I guess it’s normal for stuff to be expensive at Sentosa.


Anyway we crossed the bridge at the Palawan beach other to the other side (on’t know what it’s called) and I climbed up the thingy and took a photo from the top. Hahaha. I think people like to take photo from up there like this cause I find this view really familiar. I was the only one who climbed up and when I got down…


I found the pokemon trainers fighting at the gym. Hahaha. V 认真 right.


Random photo that I took but I think I edit until too emo style already.

Anyway I’m too lazy to caption everything one by one so I shall just upload everything together like how I always do.

Oh ya! And my Pichu!


Level v low but apparently it’s v good according to the appraisal thing. Smirks.


#64 Veganburg and sisterhood

Met up with sisterhood (minus 2pple) today and ate vegan burger for lunch. I was feeling v scared when I saw Gloria’s msg about eating vegetarian food cause I thought it will be like the temple food with those fake meat that don’t taste like meat at all. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the menu cause the burgers looked super legit. Forgot to take a pic of the menu so I koped it from it’s official site.


Looks damn good like real meat right! Apparently it is the world’s 1st vegan burger fastfood joint (although I don’t know exactly which countries have it). Hahaha. I got mself the creamy shrooms and it’s seriously v nice and even nicer than BK’s mushroom swiss imo. Cause the bun’s really good (not soggy and squashed like the BK one) and the sauce is creamy but not too thick and the vegie is also very fresh. Oh and the soy patty really tastes like real meat. I got myself a meal and chose their seaweed fries (over broccoli (who chooses broccoli anyway)) which was really yummylicious. It’s those kind of fries which you can eat without chilli sauce or anything cause the seasoning is already v nice. We also get to choose between soursop, orange and kiwi juice for out drink and I chose the poisonous looking green coloured kiwi juice just for fun. Nice but a little diluted.

Anyway, we started chit chatting about 有的没的 like what we used to do at the class benches and it was really nostalgic talking about hwachong, fish tank ($1 hotdog bread), stalking tp and v-necked lim. It’s like nothing really changed all this years and we are all still the same as last time except for Gloria being pregnant. Hahaha. And it’s a boy apparently (finally found my next target though I will have to wait years before I can do anything) and he’s going to be v v cute cause he’s half angmoh! Can’t wait to see how he looks like. Heehee. Ah yue is still as funny as ever and I think our conversations are still quite epic, though I don’t really know exactly why it’s funny but I really laughed a lot today. Oh, I just remembered how we were saying the red guy on the MRT map is Gloria and how the red guy might just be a girl with short hair and wearing pants cause ah Yue was defending SMRT and talking about how there’s no inequality. Hahaha. Really v crap right, our conversations. Then we also talked about how the guys in our class changed, like how Junyang changed from being v spastic to not so spastic, how Derek became v fat and random stuff making me feel like going back to high school all over again. And also about me memorising tp’s timetable and stalking him and how it was really obvious that I liked him.

Waiting for the day when all 5 of us can meet up again. It has been I guess since graduation. Can’t wait to meet my other friends cause being 25 makes me feel like reminiscing my teenager years.

Today’s dinner was v good too!!! My favourite dishes.


#63 Drama addict

Was comparing Korean dramas and Japanese dramas in my head this morning and I thought maybe I was just list the goods and the bads out to sort out my thoughts. Anyway, I was really surprised to know that the writer is actually the same one as that of DOTS (which I also really loved) cause the plot is really quite different. I think I am kind of sick of the usual 勾心斗角 and these two plots are really v interesting. And I think she chooses her casts v well cause all of them got high 颜值 and superb acting skills. And so I digress.

After crapping so much, I realized I don’t really feel like comparing the two anymore so I am a lazy shit but imo Jap shows: shallow and short and not v funny vs Korean shows: more meaning, longer with v funny lines. I don’t know it’s the writer or Korean dramas in general but I think the funny parts are real funny and sorry for fangirling but I really love love love their lines. And BROMANCE is like the best thing on earth. Hahaha. Japanese bromance just make me feel disgusting cause they are not manly at all but Korean bromance is just perfect with a cap P. I really love the bromance between Goblin and his insanely handsome, white and dorky Grim reaper.

Anyway, I was trying to find photos of Lee Dong Wook online and realized that he only looks good when he is fair-skinned like the Grim Reaper cause I really like 小白脸. Like literally. Talking about 小白脸, Ji Chang Wook is mad handsome until bui tahan.


#62 Of goblins and grim reapers

Spending my holidays watching dramas and reading books at home. Really shiok ttm. Hahaha. Finished the newest episode of Stay with me (the 放弃我,抓紧我) this morning and started Goblin after that. Goblin is a really nice drama cause (1) the plot is really interesting (different from the usual melodrama/romance/chick flicks), (2) the guys are really hot (I like lee dong wook and yook sung jae) and (3) and there is a hint of fantasy in the show (maybe not a hint but a whole lot of it). Oh, and the female lead is from Cheese in the trap and I quite like her single eyelid. Hahaha.

Goblin is basically about this goblin who has lived over 900 plus years and waiting for his goblin bride to pull out some sword that is on him so he can die. Hahaha. It’s the ‘eternal life is not a blessing but actually a curse’ kind of plot but like when he finally meets his bride, he falls in love (I think he will in the later episodes cause now they are still at the got 好感 stage) with her and maybe doesn’t wanna die anymore. Actually I should just copy paste from asianwiki.

In ancient times, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is an unbeatable general in wars, but the young King (Kim Min-Jae) is jealous of Kim Shin and kills him. Kim Shin becomes Dokkaebi (Goblin), possessing an immortal life. At first he thinks that he is blessed, but he realizes that he is cursed.

Closer to the present day, Kim Shin has waited 900 years for a human bride to end his immortal life. One night, he saves a dying pregnant woman (Park Hee-Von) who is destined to die. Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-Wook) is unable to find the dead pregnant woman. The woman gives birth to a baby girl named Ji Eun-Tak (later played by Kim Go-Eun). 9 years later, Ji Eun-Tak lives with her mother and is able to see ghosts. One night, her mother suddenly dies. On that night, she meets the Grim Reaper.

In the present day, Ji Eun-Tak is a high school student. She still sees ghosts and hears their whisper of “Dokkaebi’s bride.” She now lives with her aunt’s family, but she is mistreated by them. On her birthday, Ji Eun-Tak sits by the sea with a lighted birthday cake. At that time, Kim Shin suddenly appears in front of her. Kim Shin does not know why, but he can hear her voice and appears in front of her against his will. Coincidentally, Kim Shin lives with the Grim Reaper at the same house.

Now, Kim Shin appears in front of her against his will, whenever she turns off the lights. One day, Ji Eun-Tak tells him that he is Dokkaebi and she is his bride.

Hahaha sorry koped it from asianwiki for more reliable summary of the plot. Anyway, here’s the official poster of the drama koped from the same website.


V handsome right (wipes away drool).

Anyway, cause it’s christmas eve, my sister whipped up a feast! It was quite yums with the mushroom chicken, seafood platter, baked potato with bacon bits, garlic bread, mushroom soup and molten lava cake. I will add the photos later using my phone cause I lazy to transfer the photos to my phone.

Feeling v lazy and I don’t think I will want to go back to Japan cause life is slack and shiok here. And it’s really windy now after the rain and it feels great lazing on the sofa blogging. Heehee.

Oh ya. And got the coloured lens set and fish eye/wide lens set from my sister and my mummy for xmas (although I never prepare anything at all) and the first thing I did was to take pictures of my 男神 to test them. Lesson learnt: my 男神 looks perfect in all different colours. Hahaha. Really wanna marry him and look at him forever and ever. Here are the pictures I uploaded on instagram!

I realized all my posts on handsome boys and I really don’t know if it’s normal for me to be still 花痴ing after actors and models after so many years of being a fangirl. Guess I’ll never grow out of it. Hahaha. Anyway, I think I should write some got 建设性 stuff soon if not my blog will become as trashy is the WAGS show we watched at Minx’s house yesterday.

P.S. The bromance is killing me.



#61 today’s post

Hahaha. Double posting today to make up for ytd. Met up with bsj today and had fun slacking. And looking at handsome guys. The Lotte ad is really good and Ji Chang Wool is really my 男神 cause he is really good looking. And seeing so many hot guys in one day make me v v happy and I think I really want a handsome boyfriend so I can look at him and feel happy everyday. It’s like it will be so super good if you can just do nothing and feel shuang about life right. Hahaha. But too bad only I will be shuang cause the hot guy will quite sad cause he will have to stare at me.

Anyway food was yummy at yanqi’s house and at two chefs. Quite like the potato and apparently it’s Indo style lol. Beef was also quite nice cause it was quite soft hahaha. And I took pics of dinner so shall post it here.

After that we went to Minx’s house to play with her hamster which is called ebi エビ and watch shows on bitches bitching about one another. Hahaha. The show was quite trashy but funny cause they were just bitching and shouting at each other. Anyway, here’s a cute picture of the hamster nibbling on a pear. V cute right.

Quite tired today cause I did more than nuaing at home. And I finally reached tampines station after the long train ride from kap.

#60 Belated post

Hahaha too busy watching show and forgot to post yesterday. Anyway I think I really like Joe Chen cause her shows are really funny and she’s like the kind the more you look at her the prettier you think she is. I still remember that time the first show I watched with her I still thought that she was quite ugly and recently I think she actually quite pretty. Maybe cause she smiles a lot. Anyway I really recommend the show a lot cause it’s v light hearted and totally no stress when watching. A bit like 微微一笑很倾城. It’s call 放弃我,抓紧我. And the male lead is quite handsome too. I think he looks like a skinnier and whiter version of Eddie Peng (我的男神) and he really has v pretty hands.

And the thing is for both shows and female leads are called 微微. Hahaha. Anyway it’s an ongoing show so don’t be too kanjiong when watching if not will have to wait for it to come out.

Oh ya. And the other male lead actually committed suicide after the show so it’s like his last show. I’m quite sad cause I actually quite like him cause he is quite my dish with the v fair skin and thin lips and v cute smirk. And apparently him and Joe Chen were quite good friends cause they work together quite a lot. I actually watched one of their shows before and it was quite nice too. It’s the 锦绣缘 show with Huang xiaoming as the male lead. Hahaha. To think of it I am actually a big fan of Joe Chen. All my favourite China dramas got her. 

Actually I highly recommend all the shows with her inside cause she’s a really good actress and her shows are all damn funny and makes me v happy. So happy that I actually crapped one blog post about her and her shows. 

Actually I realised I really like China boys. Especially white and skinny ones like Yang Yang. Oops.