#38 Back to ma polymers!

Finally back to work after 3 days of training (fri, mon and tues)! Felt quite satisfied today plotting graphs and deciding what to do next for my experiments. Only 9 more days for doing experiments so I have to plan properly to make sure I have something to present for the next monthly report (I mean the Jan one and I think I’m quite screwed cause I am going to take a long long holiday). And the thing is, I have to work extra hard at the start of the month cause I tend to slack off near the end of the month (like what happened the past few days). Can’t believe it’s gonna be Dec soon! Time for reflections and resolutions again. And I’ll be like thinking 2016 was another 一事无成的一年. Lol. But well, it was. I didn’t really do anything that changed my life or whatsoever.

Anyway, met up with my batchmates (2 other people) for dance practice today. Hahahha. And cause I practiced yesterday, I was able to figure some moves out and I actually even managed to teach them a few moves. Can’t believe this dance 白痴 actually manages to learn by herself. Hahahah. Shocked and v amused at myself. Although I was whining and complaining about it just yesterday, I actually kinda had fun today cause it was real funny how we were just changing the moves to make them easier and making excuses about it. And my batchmates are really funny cause we are just v heck care and we were all v satisfied with our ‘dancing’ cause we all have v v low expectations of ourselves. Lol. クズかな. But it’s good anyway since we are enjoying ourselves doing this lame thing.

Feeling lazy again.

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#37 Learning my moves~

Before starting on my post, I would like to apologise for the disgusting title. Hahahaha. Cause actually now I am looking at PPAP video trying to learn the dance moves for the performance us first years have to do for the end-of-year party. Sounds like secondary school right, but nope we are working adults and god knows why we have to do this kind of retarded stuff even at 25. And the thing is the dances that we did in secondary school weren’t even this retarded. (Although I don’t think I actually mastered the dance moves last time and I was like 浑水摸鱼ing at the back along with Stella.) PPAP is still quite ok cause the moves are pretty standard but the thing is we have to perform for 15 minutes (why so effing long) and my friends decided on SMAP’s shake shake and lion heart. I checked the youtube videos and I think I cmi. Although I know I give out the super smart and super i-can-do-everything aura, I CANNOT dance. And let me repeat, JASMINE KWEK CANT DANCE TO SAVE HER LIFE. Ok. Sorry for whining.

By the way, training finally ends today and I will be going back to work tomorrow! Like finally!!! There are so many things I have to do by 12E but only like 10 days left for me to do proper work cause 2 days are for another training and the last day of work is for spring, oh wait I mean winter cleaning. Need to chiong chiong chiong all the way and shall just 死鸟当活鸟医 (heal a dead bird like a living bird) for my research though I seriously have no idea where to start and how to chiong but なんとかなるよな.

Can’t wait to go home! Woohoo!!! But before that I still have to get over 1. monthly report, 2. eoy party performance, 3. training. My life is sian. Shall get back to dancing (aka moving awkwardly to the music).

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Woke up late this morning and had to get ready in twenty minutes. Lucky it was training and not work and the place is just 5 minutes (or maybe just 3) walk away from my dorms. Yay. The training was about QC and data analysis and it was really boring and long. V v long and I think I really hate excel. Oh wells. Got through today but there is still a part 2 tomorrow. Woe is me.

Anyway, I feel lazy cause it’s the end of the month (I think that’s just an excuse) and again like all the other months, end-of-month = slack time cause I always like to tell myself that I will work hard next month (which usually doesn’t come). Anyway, I am going to slack my heart out tmr and on Wed. Hahahhaa. I am feeling v lazy.

I think there’s no one as lazy as me in the world. Oh noes. And I realized that there are only 11 working days and 3 training days left this year cause I am taking so many holidays. Oh my god. I don’t think I can finish my research before the deadline I gave myself. Oh no. Crappy.

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#35 Mundane Sunday

I was planning to go out shopping this weekend but in the end I just stayed at home two whole days doing close to nothing (not nothing cause I did my laundry and tried a new recipe). Had a headache on Sat morning so I rested at home and for today, the weather seemed quite bad so I just stayed at home (me and my excuses, lol). Anyway, if you haven’t realized it, I have started titling my posts to make it easier for me when I want to reread my posts. I guess I won’t bother reading this post since it’s just about my mundane Sunday.

I just spent my morning finding something to do (actually I woke up at 11) and now at 1600 I finally found a new 小説 to read. If you think about it, it’s really v v inefficient cause I just wasted my precious precious weekend. But it’s ok since I have nothing to do. Shall go out next weekend.

Really wanna go on a trip but  the place I am in is too ulu and it takes really really long to get to a proper touristy spot. In other words, I am just too too lazy. Especially when I see that I need 2-3 hours to get to places I want to go. And the thing is I am also too lazy to find where I wanna go. Hahaha. I need to google on ‘how to be less lazy’ or ‘how to get out of bed on the weekends’. Too much inertia/too large activation energy.

Where should I go where should I go next weekend. Wanna go somewhere interesting, somewhere I haven’t been to before. Shall google tmr or Tuesday cause I have some training for two days and according to my mentor I don’t really have to pay too much attention cause the contents aren’t really related to my work.

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#34 Capturing the moment

Didn’t have time to blog yesterday cause I had a 飲み会 with colleagues who graduated from the same uni. There were so many people I never see before and also people from the same workplace but I haven’t spoke to before cause I am v anti-social. It was really tiring cause I am really uncomfortable with people I don’t know and I had to drink (it has been 2 months since I last drank). But luckily I stopped after 1 glass if not I would have gotten a hangover cause I actually had a slight headache this morning.

Anyway, on my way home I met the senior whom I had a teenyweeny crush on but later found out that he just got attached and felt a little sad. Hahahah. But just a little sad cause actually I haven’t really talked to him before. (Sorry this part v random and not impt)

Cause it snowed two days ago and apparently the air is v clean yesterday, I could see the stars v clearly and it was really v v beautiful. I never knew that there were so many stars in Orion cause I always only see the 4 stars that form the rectangle and the 3 stars in the middle. On the way home there is this spot where there are no street lights so the whole sky was just filled with so many stars and it looked so cool that I actually tried taking a photo with my phone (but obviously in vain cause it’s super difficult even with a pro camera). Then I felt that it was so wasted cause it would have been great if I managed to capture that moment forever. I really like taking photos and capturing every happy and fun moments cause it helps me remember things that I do and also increases the level of satisfaction that I can get from the things I do. I think my memory is really v bad cause even though I can remember various events and stuff, I tend to forget the details. Looking through the photos I take help me remember all the small small things. Also, the sense of satisfaction from the event comes back to me when I reminisce and the feeling is much much stronger when I look that the photos making the memory more vivid than ever. Although sometimes people get irritated when I always try to get them to take photos or when I take v long to get a nice photo of a place, I just ignore them cause I know I will regret it if I don’t do it. Hahahah. So sorry friends and please just 让 me. Will try to take a chio/handsome photo of you.

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I passed my test! Woohoo!!! No time for blogging today cause I have to discuss with my batchmates about the performance we have to do at the end of year party.

And I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about except that it really snowed quite heavily today. Lucky it didn’t accumulate much and I was able to cycle home without any problems!

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It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word
And then that word grew louder and louder
‘Til it was a battle cry
I’ll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye
Just because every thing’s changing
Doesn’t mean it’s never been this way before
All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are as you head off to the war
Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light
You’ll come back
When it’s over
No need to say goodbye
You’ll come back
When it’s over
No need to say goodbye
Now, we’re back to the beginning
It’s just a feeling and no one knows yet
But just because they can’t feel it too
Doesn’t mean that you have to forget
Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
‘Til they’re before your eyes
You’ll come back
When they call you
No need to say goodbye
You’ll come back
When they call you
No need to say goodbye
Don’t know why but this song’s on repeat in my head.  Anyway, it’s labour day today and I slacked at home the whole day. Hahaha. Slept so much that I don’t know if I can still sleep tonight. I guess I will have to force myself to sleep cause there’s work tmr. It will be snowing (sleeting)  tmr and it’s gonna be so damn cold (I think 1-5 degrees) so I am feeling a bit sad. It’s really v sian to go to work in such bad weather.
Lazy me doesn’t feel like doing anything.
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My thirtieth post! Woohoo! Can’t believe that I managed to continue blogging for so long! Maybe cause I am really v v free nowadays. I guess my resolution for dec will be to find something interesting to do and take more ownership over my work. I seriously need to deliver results if not even I will 瞧不起 myself. Hahaha. I feel super useless and unprofessional recently. (But I realized I always think about such stuff or feel bad about such stuff but I don’t really do anything about it. Oh wells. All talk and no do.) Shall force myself to jiayou starting from Thurs! Or maybe from next month. Heehee. Need time to change ma.

Anyway, I told my mentor that I have been mentioning about him on my blog and he was v v shocked and I was v shocked about how shocked he was cause he was so shocked that he was like just one millimeter away from hyperventilating. So I quickly added that I’ve never mentioned his name on my blog and he calmed down a bit. Lol. It was quite funny. I think he’s a really funny person and I rarely have friends (not that he is a friend cause there’s this senior-junior hierarchy thing in Japan) who are AB blood type. Or maybe I have but I don’t know cause we don’t really go around asking about blood types in Singapore. Hahahha. Asking for blood type is like one of the default ice-breaking question along with how many siblings you have and which prefecture are you from (for Japan). I can’t really remember what Singaporeans usually ask cause I haven’t made new friends in sg since forever. Wow. I digressed so much from the first line of this paragraph.

This blog is so, I don’t know, random cause I usually don’t have anything in mind when I start blogging so I just ramble so and think as I type and sometimes I can just jump from one topic to another, which brings me to this topic I always have with my mentor about how the logic always doesn’t flow well in my reports and how I always link 2 things when they are not related at all, or maybe not directly related. And this makes people no understand what I’m talking about plus I present in English so it makes it harder for people to know what I am talking about. I feel like teaching my mentor to use ‘no link’ cause it’s really v apt for my situation.

Sorry for another v no link and no bond (learn from stella one. hahha. must put geeky stuff on my blog also) post and once again, happy thirtieth post to me!

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I always feel sian at the start of the week cause of the weekly report. Always kena critisized for the lack of analysis. But I guess it’s my own problem cause my mentor has been telling me about how important it is to analyse every data thoroughly and how I should plan my experiments according to what info I wanna get. In other words, I don’t think enough before starting my experiments so I always leave out certain important details and my mentor and boss always manage to find the loopholes in my report with their 火眼晶晶. And I always feel depressed after that cause I feel stupid and useless. And I think they think I am stupid. Sad life.

I think I just don’t really care about details and always like to 大概大概 but my mentor is really very 細かい, like he really pays attention to all the small small trivial things (which usually in the end turn out to be v important details). I think that’s a v Japanese trait that I have to learn cause I think it’s really cool how everytime he can see the things that I can’t.

Anyway, I think I really become very zen cause I rarely lose my temper nowadays. Either that or my 忍功 level up. I think should be the latter, cause actually I feel 不爽 deep in my heart. Lol. Nevermind, 收人钱财替人消灾 (anyhow spam one heehee), I shall just work like a 牛 and stay cool.

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