Monday blues, or maybe not. Sometimes I just feel that it is harder to get pass Sunday night than Monday itself. Maybe I just unconsciously dislike the idea of having to work but am actually OK with doing it. Well, I am rambling again.

Anyway, I guess I will be going home early everyday this week cause I need to mug. Lol. Haven’t used that word for so long.


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Time passes so quickly during weekends. Too lazy to blog today.

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She’s so perfect I can stare at her the whole day, lol.


Got my new phone today! But regretting a bit cause I got the blue one instead of the white one.



Just read the review and I totally didn’t know about the fingerprint thing! Shall try it later!

Anyway, I have this test next Sunday but I totally don’t feel like studying cause it’s not very interesting. Shall try to study tomorrow if not I think I won’t be able to pass (the passing rate is 30% apparently).

So many things to memorise. Shall forget about the test and just slack today cause Saturday is for slacking!

Have been wanting to start a bullet journal, but not that I have started blogging, I am having second thoughts about it. It’s like quite lame to write two journals right. Maybe I can write more private stuff in the bullet journal and post random stupid stuff on this blog. But anyway, I still haven’t found the perfect journal yet. I just want a very simple plain notebook. Oh, and I need colour pens for the journal.

Shall write down my wish list and treat this blog as my temporary online bullet journal!

  • notebook for my bullet journal
  • colour pens
  • watch (MVMT?)
  • new mac (low priority cause the current one is still working)
  • knee-length denim skirt (very random lol)
  • earphones/headphones (sometimes I just feel like getting one w very good specs)
  • umbrella?

Maybe I don’t have that many things I want for now. Shall update the wish list next time.

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Day 2 of ikemon, I mean ikemen hunting. Walked around the school during lunch break but no ikemen. Maybe cause of the lack of incense?

It’s really quite lonely attending the conference alone. I don’t mind listening to the presentations but it’s really lonely when there is no one to talk to. Yes, I enjoy talking that much.

Shall continue later

Back to my room! Feeling so relaxed now that I am back!

Shall study hard tmr and tmr tmr.

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Blogging while waiting for my okonomiyaki, and yes, I am in Osaka now!!

So hungry now.

Why are we waiting why are we waiting why are we waiting why are we waiting…

So lonely and bored that I am singing to myself (inside my head).

My umeshu and the still empty plate.

I spy chef making the okonomiyaki. Heehee.

Actually I am getting quite sleepy cause:

  1. I woke up at 0430 today
  2. I walked more than usual today
  3. I had to listen to people speak Jap for more than 3 hours
  4. I tried my best to talk to people and ask questions during poster presentation
  5. I had to try to understand what those people were talking about cause I need to write a report later
  6. I have to be careful about my phone cause it’s broken and I have to make sure batt doesn’t die
  7. I am alone and loneliness makes me sleepy
  8. I am hungry
  9. And I am still waiting

And it’s finally here!!!

Real time blogging!!! 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋



My phone broke. And I have to go Osaka tomorrow to attend a 学会. Really very bad timing.

Have to wait till Sat to have time to go to the phone shop. Woe is me.

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It’s my third day of blogging. Good job Jasmine!

Shall talk a bit about myself, my work and my hobbies cause I don’t feel like thinking today.

I am a Singaporean who has been in Japan for 6 and a half years (more than a quarter of my life). After graduating from high school, I came over here and starting studying at Osaka Uni (they can it handai 阪大) for a one-year preparatory course. I had no Japanese background at all and had to start from scratch. Luckily I know Chinese and could still figure things out by looking at the kanji 漢字. For that one year, basically I was just slacking and having fun and surviving well since everyone around me was a foreigner. After one year, I entered Tokyo Tech 東工大 and started my 5 years of uni life there. It was really horrible at first cause I couldn’t communicate with my classmates (my japanese was really really bad) but things got better after a while. I even joined a bukatsu 部活 to fully experience the Jap uni life. After 2 and a half years of undergrad life, I entered the lab and became a ラボ畜 which just means that I spend 24/7 in the lab. And then I graduated (although research didn’t go that well and I barely scraped through my thesis).

After graduation, I started work and had 2 months of training. And then, I got posted to my current lab and is now doing research there. Sorry that I am skipping all the details cause I am feeling a bit lazy to elaborate (it’s not that interesting anyway). Basically, work is rather fun and some of my batchmates are rather funny and I’m kinda enjoying myself now.

Right, my hobbies. They haven’t changed since, I don’t know, secondary school. Basically watching drama, reading 小説 and watching korean boys dance on youtube. Very fabulous hobbies especially for winter cause I can just stay at home the whole day and still feel happy about life (winter is coming and I am absolutely looking forward to being a 引きこもり, and I swear I am not being sarcastic).

Most recent drama: Refresh Man (can’t believe I still think Aaron Yan is good looking after all this years; shows that my taste never change even after coming Japan)

Most recent book: 凤隐天下 (actually I am reading it now)

Favourite korean group: BTS!!! (they are so young!!! I am a 老牛, no i mean羊, who likes to 吃嫩草)

Feeling really lazy today cause it’s raining out (blaming the weather).

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I was talking to my friend the other day about the meaning of life. Not that I am emoing or depressed or what. I was just wondering what’s there for me in life and for what am I working hard for. Ok, maybe I am not working that hard but recently I started wondering if I am just working and earning money just to meet my basic needs.

It’s not like I am suicidal, I have people who love me and people whom I love, it’s just that I don’t have a goal in life. Or rather I should say, I lost my goal in life somewhere down the journey of growing up. I used to think about being successful in my career and earning lots of money and buying lots of things, having lots of fun and traveling all over the world, retiring early and so on, but one day I just realised that I don’t need so many things and I don’t need so much money or have so much fun to feel happy. It’s like suddenly I just feel satisfied with my current situation. 

Realizing this, the first thing I felt was surprise and then disappointment. What happened to the little girl who wanted to do great things in her life? It’s true that accepting your current situation and feeling satisfied with it will prevent you from feeling negative, but it’s not going to make you feel any more positive cause nothing’s gonna change.

So I’ve decided.

I will stop being satisfied and start making an effort to challenge the status quo (hope this is proper english lol) . Maybe in the process of learning and trying out new things, I can discover my meaning in life.

Just rambling but hopefully I can get some enlightenment out of it.

Shall end this post with a photo and go read my 小説.

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Started another blog just for self satisfaction. I wonder how long it will last this time, hopefully more than 3 months? Being away for blogging for so long, I have forgotten how to blog; what to write about and how to phrase things in the ‘blogging’ style. Not to mention that my writing has deteriorated so much since I came Japan. Recently, I started realizing that I even have to translate my thoughts from Japanese to English when talking to fellow Singaporeans. It’s really frightening how I am losing my grasp of English. I think I am writing in really bad English now. Feeling so uncertain now.

Actually, this time round, I am starting this blog not just to ramble about the things going on recently, but because I want to store my memories. My memory seems to be going from bad to worse these years (not exaggerating at all cause I forget things after one hour or so). Hope that I can be diligent this time round and keep this blog going.

Also, I actually, for the nth time in my life, feel like working on self improvement. Writing my goals and action plan might motivate me to actually execute those plans.

Lastly, I would like to share my life to someone (hopefully some people might chance upon this blog and read my posts) cause I am quite lonely, after living overseas for six years plus.

So, to make myself continue blogging regularly, I will set myself a rule.

Post daily. It can be just a photo with a simple caption.

↓ photo of today!

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